Starting up the studio is first episode of season 1.


The Next Step Re-opens. New Dancers audition for the new competition team. Michelle, Piper and Amy find it hard to make a decision. A-Troupe starts again.


In the streets of Toronto, Michelle meets Amy and Piper. Michelle says "it has been five years since we were at the studio." Piper says "shall we go get the keys to the studio." Amy says yes lets

Michelle unlocks the doors to Studio A, Michelle says we need to paint over the chicken wall so we get people to come and Audition. Amy opens the side door. Aria and group of dancers start arriving at the studio. Michelle says that we will be splitting you into groups and you will audition for A-Troupe the highest rank in the studio.

Cameron starts dancing. Cameron is a Contemporary dancer he is sixteen years old. Cameron says that he has been dancing since he was six years old. Then Dayan starts dancing. Dayan is a 15 years old. she is a Contemporary dancer. Then Will starts dancing. Will is a hip-Hop dancer. He is 14 years old. Then jamie starts dancing. He is arco dancer and he is Michelle's Brother. Then Rebecca an Acro dancer starts dancing. She is 17 years old. She has started dancing since she was 2 years old.

Michelle calls a break. Piper says we have got hard decision to make since all the dancers are amazing. Amy says "as the head choreographer i need to make sure the dancers do the routine correctly." Then Michelle says "can the second group go please." The group goes and michelle says well done you all are amazing but only 10 of you can make the team. Amy, Piper and michelle head to the office.

They leave the office and Michelle says " A-Troupe is Cameron, Rebecca, Meghan, Will, Lela, Jenny, Jessica, Adam, Wilson and Olivia." Aidan says "i am on A-Troupe and it has just re-started." Michelle says "we need a Dance Captain and i think Rebecca." Michelle pull Blake aside and says "I am making you Dance captain of A-Troupe." Rebecca says "I can't believe it i am the dance captain of A-Troupe."


  • A-Troupe is Cameron, Rebecca, Dayan, Will, Lela, Jenny, Jessica, Adam, Wilison and Olivia.
  • Michelle and Piper are Co-Studio Heads
  • Amy is Head Choreographer.
  • No Opening Sequence
  • Rebecca is the new Dance captain
  • Arco Dancers are Rebecca and Jenny
  • The Ballet dancer is Jessica
  • The contemporary Dancers are Meghan, Cameron, Lela, Adam and Olivia
  • The Hip Hop dancers are Will and Wilson.