TNS West is the joint highest troupe in The Next Step Dance Studio.


Giselle returns to the studio with Thalia and creates TNS West to give dancers that didn’t make it onto A-Troupe a Chance to go to regionals.

Giselle enlists the members of B-Troupe, who were cut from or did not make it onto A-Troupe, onto her competitive troupe. Giselle is left needing three more dancers, but is forbidden from getting dancers from the studio per Emily.

Giselle eventually learns that only one team from The Next Step Dance Studio can compete at Regionals, leading to the introduction of a dance battle to determine the victor. Although, for this dance battle to occur, TNS West would need its ten dancer.


Since TNS West is formed independently from TNS East, it is deemed the less legitimate troupe and does not get the same funding or resources that TNS East does.[1] This also stems from TNS West's more laid-back nature; most of the troupe's members are hip-hop and breakdancers and there are very few rules governing the troupe.




  • Amy
  • Danielle
  • Skylar
  • LaTroy
  • Kingston
  • Ozzy
  • Henry
  • Unnamed Dancer