The Countdown is the 14th episode of season

6 of The Next Step and is the 168th in total. It aired on July 5th, 2018.


With tensions high, Lucian holds a vote for the future of his new team.


Lucian turns. To the four dancers from the team, Piper, Amy, Katy, and Josh. Lucian says that they will deal with this the following day, Richelle says that they need too deal with this now. Lucian shakes his head, disagreeing. Lucian says that they need to be in the studio for this. Richelle sighs and then in talking heads says fine, there is nothing she can do. Lucian then informs Jacquie that she is off the team. Jacquie asks why, because she brought this to Richelle’s attention. Lucian states that Jacquie is dating Noah. Jacquie says that this, is low and then walks off frustrated and then says that she is joining the team of Regionals Wildfire.

A-troupe is rehearsing in studio A. Lucian sighs and then says that this is an outrage, and then tells Amy to bring in Michelle, Emily, Noah and Jacquie. Amy nods and then goes into the other studio and finds them. Michelle and Emily both asks what’s up and then Amy exclaims how they are performing now. Emily and Michelle ask what?! And then walk over to the studio. Amy then goes into Neutral Grounds and in talking heads states that right now, he’s awaiting Jacquie’s arrival but she is not showing up. Amy walks in and says that the team is going up against Lucian right now so Noah needs to be there, Noah is being dragged in by Amy to Jacquie walks over and then sees Noah being dragged away, Amy turns to see Jacquie and says that the studio is performing. Jacquie rushes off and sprints, in talking heads, says that Lucian is going down.

Lucian asks what he thought they were doing. Jacquie says that his rules are devastatingly unfair. They can’t dance in this dictatorship any longer and it is time they rebel. They turn on Game Face and then the six start to dance, with Jacquie not knowing much of the routine but just trying to pick up, and then Aria joined in and then Aria in talking heads, says that hopefully her dad will finally listen to everyone if he knows, her daughter hates him too. Lucian is in such shock that he tumbles a little. Everyone dancing is having fun and they then pose when the music fades and Richelle stands, not impressed and yells to see if they know what they are doing, the friendship, the trio between them, is over and then Lucian asks to take a vote, everyone on his team, including Jacquie,

Lucian says that to make it easier, anyone who’d like to stay on his team, if it continues to stand, if not, they go to the other side. Richelle, for she loves the team, was the only one of the dancers who left the soon-to-be-possible-team and stuck by Lucians side, the seven of the eight, however, did not and went for this new team. Michelle asked why Richelle does not want to leave, is it not clear? She’s outvoted. She now has no studio. Richelle says that this is her choice, and isn’t it a democracy? Piper warns her to not bring politics into dance. Richelle growls and says that Regionals is not happening, just like this girl, joining that team. It is over and they just need to learn to grow and accept the fact. Piper says that there is still time, though. She does not know what the answer is, as she does not work there. They still can convince the board not to shut it down. Richelle says that she is done.


  • Lucian’s team has been abandoned.
  • Richelle is in need of a place to dance.
  • Aria has joined Regionals Wildfire.
  • Richelle, Jacquie and Amy are enemies.