The New Boy In Town - The Off Season Episode 2 'The New Boy In Town' is the first episode of the third off season of The Next Step. It is set to be aired after the finale of season 7.


With A-Troupe's competition future on the line and Richelle in the hospital, the team struggles to cope as Miss Kate makes big changes to the studio. A familiar face returns to the team, causing Noah to question his position on A-Troupe. A group of talented new dancers fight for spots on the team.


[Flashback] The Next Step returns from Nationals as winners and Arlie is found dancing to 'Home' in Studio 1. 

In Talking Heads , he states he danced at The Next Step his whole life and was a former A-Troupe member and Dance Captain, before leaving to go on an international dance tour the year before the team first won regionals. Now that the tour has finished, he is looking for greater opportunities and decides to return to The Next Step.

Emily enters and hugs Arlie, stating he was one of her best friends before he left for tour. 

After Emily Leaves, Noah walks in on Arlie rehearsing and claims Arlie shouldn't be at the studio for disclosed reasons. Arlie comments on this in talking heads, stating he has many secrets, that could affect the team's competition future. Arlie reveals he is Noah's brother.

[Present Day]

Emily and Michelle enter Miss Kate's office on the day the team is expected to receive the qualifier video results. Talking to Miss Kate, Arlie hugs Emily when she enters and introduces himself to Michelle.

Unbeknownst to Emily and Michelle, Richelle has ended up in the hospital due to her hip condition that Emily and Michelle were aware of.

Miss Kate sends Arlie into Studio A to announce his return. Kate reveals she is about to "change the game completely' and "the studio is about to change".

In Studio A, Arlie enters on A-Troupe and demands everyone get into rehearsal, because they have made it to regionals. Noah is in shock upon seeing Arlie commenting "What is my brother doing here? Arlie cannot come back to The Next Step"

Arlie reveals he has dethroned Noah and is now the new dance captain of A-Troupe, by order of Miss Kate.


Dance Name Dancer(s) Location Position
Home Arlie The Music Room N/A
I'll Show You The Dark Side Arlie Studio A N/A
Game Face A-Troupe Studio A N/A
Red Light Heather Snakes and Ladders* NA

*Snakes and Ladders replaces the Cafe Neutral Grounds for Season 8.





Arlie  is Noah's brother,

Neutral Grounds is now known as Snakes and Ladders,

Arlie  is the new Dance Captain,

Arlie has rejoined The Next Step Dance Studio,

He is an international level dancer proficient in Acro, Contemporary , Hip-Hop and Lyrical .