The Next Chapter is the first episode of Season 6 of The Next Step and is the 165th episode in total. It aired on November 7th, 2017


The dancers must set aside their personal drama to focus on one task: Making sure they make it onto Lucian’s new insanely small team.


The episode starts off with the dancers all behind the stage, after having finished performing. Richelle asks if she can start speaking once more. Noah nods and then says that someone has bought the studio. Noah and everyone else is in complete shock and everyone starts yelling in a panic. Noah calms everyone else down, saying that he knows they’re in a stressful situation right now, however they have to stay strong.

Piper agrees with Noah and in talking heads, says that he’s right. Lola then suggests that they go confront Ms. Kate. Ozzy says that Michelle and Emily probably know about this. Ozzy in talking heads, says that Michelle and Emily practically own the studio at this point, they’d obviously be the first to know.

They agree and then head over to start making their way into the venue to find the two studio heads. While Michelle and Emily were nearby the wings already and were so mad. Emily is fuming and Michelle asks what the commotion is about in an angered voice. Emily says that she has no clue and then they open the curtain to find A-Troupe walking. Emily asks what’s going on and then Kingston scoffs and says that Emily and Michelle obviously know. Michelle says no and asks about why they think the two know and Richelle yells about how the studio is being sold.

This baffled them and they growl alongside them and join their army and make their way into studio A and the 14 show up by Kate’s office. Kate opens the door and then asks what she could do for them and then Emily yells at her, telling Kate to come clean. Kate asks what she is talking about and Richelle says that she saw the files in her office, while doing paperwork. Kate asks what this is all about and then Emily says that Kate is selling the studio.

With Kate confronted, she says that this is for the best, and says that things will be great. Emily asks who will run the studio now, and then Kate announces that Lucian will which makes Emily angry. Emily informs Kate about how Lucian is the worst person to be selling the studio to, because she knows how much Lucian has wanted to destroy The Next Step for, and now, selling the studio to him, is the one way to do so.

Kate informs them that enough is enough and she has made this decision because it is for the betterment of the studio. Emily is in shock and yells about how this won’t make the studio better, it’ll only hinder them. Kate asks about what else she was supposed to do, less and less people have been attending their studio and giving them money. This was the only way to save the studio. Emily says that now there may not even be a studio. Kate in talking heads, says that if only they knew where she was coming from. Kate says that this is her decision, and this is final and then storms off.

Emily in talking heads, says that this is not the end, she is going to find a way to get to Regionals, with her team, and no matter what, they need to stick together.

The next scene shows Lucian, Michelle and Emily speaking. Lucian says that he can try to keep most of the dancers on the team, however, he will be honest and if they are not good enough, they’ll have to be cut. Emily growls and says fine. Michelle in talking heads admits that she still can’t believe this is happening and then the two walk out.

Piper walks into studio A, to try and see what’s going on and then see Michelle and Emily perambulating out, while seeing Lucian ponder around his new office nearby studio A. In talking heads, Piper is speechless, and says that this now means, the accusations were true and she lets out a frown.

That next day, everyone is stretching in studio one and then Lucian walks in and says let’s get to work and then Richelle’s face drops in talking heads, says that this is officially real life. Lucian then says that he can only bring in 6 or 7 of them. Noah in talking heads, says that now, there’s no chance of them winning Regionals.


  • The studio is being sold.
  • Michelle and Emily are no longer studio heads.
  • Lucian’s team can only consist of 7 or 8 people.
  • The Next Step may not be going to Regionals.