A Change Is Gonna Come is The 40th and last episode of Season 4.


Now that Alfie is back, the team is able to compete in the Regionals final. But when Michelle shows up ready to dance, Riley has to make a heartbreaking decision.


Riley speaks to the team on-stage after the day's competition. With only nine dancers, Riley says that they can forfeit and go home now or dance in the finals despite it meaning that they will lose anyway. Amanda assures Riley that all nine of them will dance, which the team concurs with. James arrives then with Alfie, who has decided to return after all. Amanda confesses that now that they can actually win, staying was the best decision she could have made.

Intro - James and Riley, Piper and Alfie, Noah and Amanda, Sloane and LaTroy, Skylar And cassie, Amy and Richelle, Michelle and Henry

Alfie runs onto the stage and is embraced by the members of A-Troupe. Noah and Amanda hug, happy that she decided to stay. Piper also hugs James in thanks. Alfie shares an awkward look with Riley, but confesses that he must put his heartbreak aside. Alfie apologizes for abandoning the team. Riley tells the team that Gemini is their toughest competition yet, but that they can take them.

Riley receives a call from Michelle who asserts that she is ready to dance in the finals after a fast recovery. Worried about Michelle's health, Riley refuses to promise that she will compete. Michelle decides that she needs to change Riley's mind. Amy finds LaTroy sitting sullenly at a bench in the lobby. After prodding from Amy about what is wrong, LaTroy breaks up with her. Amy begins to cry, in disbelief that LaTroy is dumping her right before the finals and realizing that LaTroy lied when he said he loved her. Despite LaTroy's apologies, Amy departs without forgiving him. SNR Network's coverage of the finals begins. Backstage, Piper and Riley converse about the finals, Henry telling Riley not to worry. Piper and Riley say the phrase "don't even worry about it" in unison, and dissolve into laughter, confusing Henry. Riley gets Piper and Henry to round everyone up. Alfie approaches Riley just as the twins heckle him. Riley defends him, although the dancers remain sure that their team will win since they haven't lost yet. Sloane approaches LaTroy and learns that he broke up with Amy to be with her. Before Sloane can reply, Henry beckons LaTroy to the stage. Sloane fears that LaTroy breaking up with Amy will affect the team's routine. Moments later, backstage, LaTroy and Amy exchange an awkward look. Gemini takes the stage and, as they perform, Michelle approaches Riley in full costume. Michelle tells Riley that she is going to dance and refuses any argument of otherwise. Meanwhile, James watches Gemini perform from the audience and confesses that he is worried about The Next Step's prospects. Michelle persuades Riley into taking a dancer out of the finals dance, and Riley decides to take Amanda out. When Riley cites her apparent lack of commitment to the team, Amanda reveals that she picked the team over dancing on the tour. Amanda tearfully exits the room and Noah follows.

Amanda laments her disbelief to Noah. Noah tells Amanda that he won't dance if she doesn't want him to, but tells Noah he has to dance. Amanda refuses to even watch the routine. Henry arrives and beckons Noah to the stage. Before leaving, Noah kisses Amanda and assures her that he loves her. Amanda confesses that she has never felt so betrayed in her entire life. Moments later, The Next Step takes the stage. Although the team performs a sound routine and finishes to a standing ovation, they lose to Gemini. As the team retreats backstage in disbelief, Chuck Anderson announces that the reigning Internationals champions have been toppled.

Piper and Michelle tell each other that they have learned a lot from the other as they walk down the now empty stage to go home. Alfie comforts Amy, who sits on the edge of the stage in a sullen state from her break up. Alfie takes Amy's hand and assures her that he is there for her. As they leave the stage, LaTroy walks onto it hand-in-hand with Sloane. Sloane assures LaTroy that she has loved him her whole life and couldn't stop even if she wanted to. LaTroy puts his uniform jacket on Sloane's shoulders and kisses her. Next, Noah walks onto the stage, recording yet another voicemail on Amanda's phone since she hasn't been answering his calls. Henry joins him on-stage, smiling because he knows everything will work out. In the audience, James comforts Riley about her guilt at the team's loss, which culminates in a kiss. Riley confesses that she has made some mistakes as studio head, but that it's a part of growing up. As Riley confesses her love for James, James himself then enters the Talking Heads filming area and interrupts. James then goes down on one knee, making Riley think he is proposing; she says to him they are too young for such a thing! However, it's not an engagement ring James gives Riley, but a promise ring. They kiss once more, admitting their love for each other. In Studio A, Amanda is dancing to Oxygen and she states that she is staying but will be leaving A-Troupe.


  • Amanda is staying at the studio but she has left A-Troupe.
  • Gemini Dance Studio Has won Regionals.
  • Amy and LaTroy are no longer dating
  • LaTroy And Sloane are now dating.