Better Than Today is the 6th Episode Of Season 6. It is the 26th episode of The Next Step:New Starts.


“Two Former Next Step Dancers return to the studio. Meanwhile A-Troupe holds auditions for the duet.”


In Studio A, Heather is dancing To Home. Heather says (Talking Heads Caption says Acro Dancer) “I have joined B-Troupe after Miss Angela left. She was the worst and now I have lost my spot on A-Troupe and This isn’t fair.” Then a new dancer enters. The dancer says her name is Vanessa. Vanessa says (Talking Heads Caption says New Dancer) “I walk in to find the studio heads but I see this girl dancing she is really good.” Heather finishes dancing. Vanessa says “your really good.” Heather says “thank you.” Vanessa says “are you on A-Troupe.” Heather says “no. (Talking Heads) “Vanessa is an Dancer from Keaton School Of the Arts. She would be a great addition to B-Troupe but the team is full.”

Intro - Michelle and Skye, Jacquie and Noah, Summer and Amy, Henry and Elliot, Kingston and Kenzie, Finn, Piper and Richelle, Simone and Ty. Endpose is Skye, Ty, Finn, Summer, Kenzie, Kingston, Richelle, Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Piper, Henry, Amy, Simone and Elliot.

In Studio 1, Amy is dancing to Falling Behind. A-Troupe enters. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Captain) “A-Troupe has changed a lot since I arrived and Now we are going to nationals for the third time in the next Step history.” Piper says (Talking Heads Caption Contemporary Dancer) “Amy is an Amazing Dancer and she should audition for the solo.” Amy finishes. Then Emily and Skylar enter. Emily says “Hi everyone, We have found out what routines we need for nationals.” Skylar says “we need a Ten person routine for round one, two and three.” Michelle says (Talking Heads) “this remindes me of regionals three years ago.” Piper says “who is in that routine.” Emily says “well I have chosen Michelle, Noah, Elliot, Kingston, Jacquie, Richelle, Amy, Summer and Skye.” Skylar says ”Kenzie, Piper, Finn and Henry you will be the 4 Person dance.” Kenzie says (Talking Heads Caption says Acro Dancer) “I am not happy to be on the side lines.” Emily says “we will need a duet and I have chosen Michelle and Henry to represent the Next Step.” Skylar says (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Studio Head) “we need a advantage over teams because Michelle has been to Nationals and we need the best in the routines.” They all leave

In Shakes And Ladders, Ozzy is working. Then Heath enters and says “I thought that you were on A-Troupe.” Ozzy says (Talking Heads Caption says Former A-Troupe Dancer) “When HeathCliff enters I am not happy with him making fun of me.” Heath says (Talking Heads Caption says B-Troupe Dancer) “Me and Ozzy have always hated each other but when he was cut from A-Troupe.” Then Cierra enters and says “Ozzy and Heath studio 3 now.” Ozzy says “I wonder What is going on.” Meanwhile, In Studio A, Michelle and Henry are dancing to Upside Down. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance captain) “it‘s Great dancing with Henry and it will be great for nationals.”

In Studio 1, Amy is dancing a solo to Spark, Amy says (Talking Heads Caption says Acro Dancer) “I have got to leave the next Step since it isn’t my home anymore“. Thalia is in the office and she gets an email that says they could go to Nationals. Thalia screams and says (Talking Heads Caption says AcroNation Studio Head) ”I’m so excited that my team can go to nationals.” Amy enters and says “you okay.” Thalia says “yeah, My team can go to nationals.” Amy says (Talking Heads Caption says AcroNation dancer) “I am joining AcroNation. It’s Sad to leave The next Step but I know that AcroNation Is my home.”

In Studio A, Piper starts dancing to Heartbeat. Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “it’s great to be part of A-Troupe but it is going to be weird without Amy on A-Troupe. She didn’t even tell me that she left the studio and joined AcroNation.” Then Heather enters and says (Talking Heads Caption says Former A-Troupe Dancer) “I think Piper needs a Familiar face on A-Troupe. I am Joining A-Troupe but if amy comes back I will go back to B-Troupe.” Piper finishes her solo. Piper says “Heather what are you doing here?” Heather says “well, I know Amy has left A-Troupe but I am willing to help the team to nationals.”

In The Rehearsal Room, Sloane enters. Sloane says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Next Step Dancer) ”it’s great to be back at the studio. I have decided to return to the studio. I will audition for A-Troupe if they win nationals so I get a chance to dance at Internationals.”


  • Amy is no longer a member of A-Troupe or The Next Step but is now a member of AcroNation
  • Ozzy works at Shakes and Ladders.
  • Kenzie, Piper, Finn and Henry are dancing a four person dance
  • Michelle, Noah, Elliot, Kingston, Jacquie Richelle, Amy, Summer and Skye will be dancing in the 12 Person dance but when Amy leaves there is only 10 dancers.
  • Heather has taken Amy’s spot on A-Troupe.
  • Heath is an B-Troupe Dancer.