Coup D’etat is the 4th Episode Of Season 6. It is The 24th Episode Of The Next Step:New Starts.


Thalia returns with her new team. Heather returns to the studio. Riley thinks about the new studio head.


In Studio A, Piper is dancing to firecracker. Piper explains that she glad to be back on A-Troupe but they don’t know who the new studio head is. Then Summer enters ands says (Talking Heads Caption says Lyrical Dancer) “Piper is an amazing dancer but she needs help with her Acro and that will set her over the top.“

Intro - Jacquie and Noah, Summer and Amy, Henry and ozzy, Kingston and Kenzie, Michelle and Finn, Piper and Richelle. Endpose is Finn, Summer, Kenzie, Kingston, Richelle, Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Lily, Henry, Amy and Ozzy.

In Studio 1, Jacquie is rehearsing alone. In talking heads, she says she is doing this because she needs to be the best dancer in the studio, as Noah doesn't believe she is. Richelle enters, and in talking heads, she says she knows exactly what Jacquie is doing; trying to get the top spot off Summer. After Jacquie finishes a tumbling sequence, Richelle comments on it being 'pedestrian'. This provokes Jacquie and they perform a dance battle which turns into a duet. Kate enters and ask the girls to clear out. They ask why, and Kate tells them the studio is being rented out by a new team. Thalia enters and her And Kate hug.

AcroNation perform their first routine in Studio 1 as Thalia explains she opened the studio after her tour finished. Summer enters because she wants to check out the new team. Summer asks Thalia if they're taking the routine to Nationals, Thalia says there not, but maybe next year. Summer leaves. In Studio 1, Lily is dancing to Home. Lily confesses that she is looking for a new studio or re-join The Next Step. Then Thalia enters and says that she has rented Studio 1 for her new team. Lily says (Talking Heads Caption says Former A-Troupe Dancer) “I‘m not happy that my mom pulled me out of the studio.”

In Studio A’s Office, Riley is sorting out paperwork and Kate enters and says that she is going away for a little while and Riley is incharge Of finding a new studio head. Riley Says (Talking Heads Caption says Studio Co-Owner) “I know just the people to take the position.” Meanwhile In Studio A, Michelle is dancing to Believe. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Dance Captain) “I am so glad that Riley got rid of Miss Angela she was the worst studio head that the next Step has had since I have been here.” Piper, Amy, Summer, Kenzie and Henry enter. Summer says (Talking Heads Caption says Lyrical Dancer) “Michelle is such an amazing Dancer the studio has no wonder she is miss National Soloist.” Kenzie says (Talking Heads Caption Says Acro Dancer) “I don’t think I could come up with choreography as goods as Michelle’s.” Michelle finishes.

Heather enters the locker room and says (Talking Heads Caption says Former TNS Dancer) “I think it is time for me to return to the studio but I know that I will be part of B-Troupe.” Then Heath and Winnie enter. Heath says (Talking Heads Caption says B-Troupe Dancer) “I have been part of J-Troupe and I am now part of B-Troupe.” Winnie says “hi, who are you.” Heather responds “I am Heather a former member of A-Troupe I am currently part of college.” Meanwhile, Emily and Skylar enters Riley’s Office. Skylar says “you wanted to see us.” Riley says “yes I did, I have been interviewing new cadets for Studio Head. I thought I would interview you two.” Emily says (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Manger Of Shakes And Ladders) “I think it is time to come back to the next step.”

In studio 1, AcroNation are watching Lily audition for the team. Simone says (Talking Heads Caption says AcroNation Dance Captain) “Lily is an amazing dancer and she would be a great fit for this team.” Thalia says (Talking Heads Caption says AcroNation Studio Head) “Lily is going to be a great dancer for this team.” Lily finishes dancing. Thalia says “you have a spot on my team.” Meanwhile, A-Troupe is warming up, Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “We don’t know who the new studio head is but we are ready for anything.” Then Riley enters and says “the next step studio head is....” Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Dance Captain) “I cannot believe who the new studio head is.”


  • Thalia has started her own troupe AcroNation.
  • Lily is now a member of AcroNation.
  • Lily is no longer a member of TNS.
  • Piper and Michelle have their spots back on A-Troupe meaning Winnie has been demoted to B-Troupe.