Dance, Lies and Hoverboards is the 4th episode of season 5.


”A New Dance Captain is named. Amy, LaTroy, Henry and Ozzy get a opportunity. Skylar makes an announcement that will change the studio for ever.”


Skylar dances in Studio A, feeling at home. Skylar confesses that while she is on A-Troupe, it doesn't feel like the same studio anymore, and decides she needs to move on. As Skylar dances, Emily enters, loving Skylars dancing but confused as to why she is not in Studio 1. When Skylar finishes, Emily compliments her but asks her why she is in Studio A, since it's for recreational dancers. Skylar tells Emily she is quitting A-Troupe and will be the studio head of TNS West in Studio A. Emily asserts that Kate would never allow this, but Kate enters to reveal that she has already agreed. Kate, believing competition to bring out the best in one another, makes Skylar head of TNS West and Emily head of TNS East. When Kate leaves, Emily assures Skylar she is way over her head, while Skylar warns Emily that she will have some serious competition ahead of her.

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Noah and Jacquie, Ben and Kingston, Amy and Ozzy, Zara And Josh, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Ben, Amy, Richelle, Lola, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Piper, Zara, Ozzy, Kingston and Josh.

Amy knocks Emily's office door and asks if there is an open spot since Skylar’s absence. Amy confesses that she needs to be on A-Troupe because her mother does not know she was cut. Emily tells Amy that she is correct, but that the spot has already been filled by Josh. Amy asks Emily why she would pick Josh since she is a stronger dancer, but Emily asks Amy if she was the one who practiced at 7:00, asked for technical help, and booked a private session with Daniel, since that is what Josh did. Emily tells Amy that she is a lovely dancer, but not nearly mature enough to go to Regionals. Amy leaves, not knowing how she will tell her mom that she was cut from A-Troupe. Meanwhile Emily welcomes Josh to the other members of TNS East. Emily tells her dancers that they will take Regionals, Nationals, and Internationals. Later in Studio 1, Under Daniel's guidance, the members of A-Troupe work on their first Regionals routine. Piper struggles with the acro in the choreography, since it is not her strong suit. Daniel stops Piper and asks her why her front walkover looks like a cartwheel, but Piper assures Daniel she is practicing her acro. Michelle confesses that she needs to help Piper out since she is struggling with Daniel’s choreography. 

In Studio A, some B-Troupers are struggling to come to terms of being in B-Troupe. Amy confesses that she cannot be in this team anymore. Then Skylar enters and announces that she is starting TNS West. Amy says that she wanted to be on A-Troupe but TNS west is just as good. Meanwhlie in Studio 1, Piper continues to practice the acro choreography. Noah enters the studio and notices Piper struggling. When Noah inquires as to how Piper is doing, Piper admits that she cannot do a front walkover and will probably never be able to. Noah suggests that they just change the choreography in favour of Piper doing a double attitude for the same number of counts. Piper feels a bit more encouraged. Then Michelle enters and says to Noah to leave it to her. Then Emily comes out and says to Michelle that she is going be a featured Dancer on her team. then Michelle leaves.

In Studio A, Skylar is auditioning two new dancers for her team since she has got 8 dancers already which are Alexandra, Jasmine, Kevin, Briana, Amy, Ozzy, Henry and LaTroy. Meanwhile Lola, Josh, and Noah are joking around and taking selfies in Studio 1, along with the other members of TNS East. Emily notices this idleness from her office and emerges holding out a box, telling the dancers to put their phones in it as they do not need distractions. In Studio A, Skylar announces that the two members of TNS West are Jordan and Danielle. Henry confesses that he is happy to have two dancers that will get us to regionals. Meanwhile, Lola is dancing a solo to “Flying” Lola confesses that Richelle and Michelle will be Come her friends and she will also be at the studio. Seeing as Emily never let him audition, Ozzy performs his solo in Studio A. While Ozzy has studied all of the styles, he confesses his strongest one to be hip-hop. Ozzy confesses that he began dancing at four, as a friend was doing it as well. Eventually, all of his fellow dancers materialize and watch him dance. Ozzy is met with applause once he finishes. Afterwards, Skylar says that West is going to be their head choreographer. TNS East rehearses a routine. Piper is struggling and being called out on it by Emily, making her stressed. When the dance ends, Emily asks Piper to book extra rehearsal time with her. Emily then announces the new dance captain, who is none other than Michelle. Michelle is left thrilled.

At the end of rehearsal, Daniel assures Piper that she is improving. As TNS East exits the studio, Amy sneaks in and subsequently positions herself at the barre. Just then, Amy's mom enters the studio, enamored by the space's beauty. Amy's mom asks Amy how her first day on A-Troupe was, to which Amy replies positively in a clipped manner. Amy confesses that she cannot find it within herself to tell her mom the truth. Amy tells her mom that she is hungry and tired, and that they should get going. Amy's mom tells Amy that the studio is where they belong as they exit, with Amy glancing back at the studio one last time.


  • The Opening Sequence has removed Amanda, Sloane, James, Riley, Cassie, Alfie, LaTroy, Henry And Skylar And has added Josh, Zara, Ben, Jacquie, Lola, Kingston and Ozzy.
  • Michelle is Dance Captain Of TNS East.
  • A-Troupe has spit into TNS East and West.
  • Josh is now part of A-Troupe.
  • TNS West contains Jordan, Danielle, Alexandra, Jasmine, Kevin, Briana, Amy, Ozzy, Henry and LaTroy.
  • Skylar is TNS West’s Studio Head.
  • TNS West’s Head Choreographer is West.