“Dance-Zilla“ is the 3rd Episode of Season 6. It is the 23rd episode of The Next Step:New Starts.


Richelle is back and A-Troupe desperately hopes she will bring down Miss Angela.


In Shakes and Ladders, Michelle and Piper are sat talking about the studio and how things are going. Michelle says that Lily has got to go. Piper agrees and texts Richelle. In the hospital, Richelle gets a text from Piper saying search Miss Angela. Richelle finds out that Miss Angela wants to change the name and become the owner of the studio. Richelle says (Talking Heads Caption says A-Troupe Dancer) ”Miss Angela has got to go.”

Intro - Jacquie and Noah, Summer and Amy, Henry and ozzy, Kingston and Kenzie, Michelle and Finn, Piper and Richelle. Endpose is Finn, Summer, Kenzie, Kingston, Richelle, Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Piper, Henry, Amy and Ozzy.

A-Troupe are practising duets in Studio A, waiting for Miss Angela and Lily to come. Kingston talks about the importance of Richelle being back from her injury. Richelle confesses that she needs to make it up to A-Troupe because if she had told Emily and Skylar what happened, then Miss Angela wouldn't be here. Miss Angela comes storming out of her office and calls A-Troupe to get in line. Noah and Jacquie are first, but Jacquie complains that she and Noah cannot win because Lily is in the running. Lily and Ozzy are next, and Lily shows a lot of sass by shoving Ozzy's face to the ground, but she compliments him saying he supports her dancing well. Richelle thinks that the other A-Troupers are overreacting because Lily has some presence. Winnie, the former B-Trouper, and Kingston compete next. Then Henry and Amy, who perform good. Summer and Kenzie are up next, and Summer says she believes the others when they say Richelle is fierce. Richelle and Finn have a dance, and Richelle thinks Miss Angela isn't that bad because she bought in great dancers. Miss Angela gathers everyone around and announces Lily and Richelle will have the duet, causing Richelle to disagree with the others even more. Amy walks up to Richelle and says that's how Miss Angela favours Lily. Richelle claims everyone 'immature' because Miss Angela is not so bad. Richelle leaves Amy and goes over to start getting along and working with Lily. Miss Angela shouts at Kingston and Ozzy because they aren’t do the right choreograph. Then Richelle says (Talking Heads Caption says A-Troupe’s Temporary Dance Captain) ”Michelle made me the temporary dance captain and not Lily and Miss Angela has got to go for good.” 

In Studio A, The New formed A-Troupe is rehearsing. Then Michelle, Piper and Richelle enter. Lily confesses that she wondering what they are doing here. Michelle says “Miss Angela wants to become an owner of the next step.” Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Former A-Trouper) “Got You!” Lily says (Talking Heads Caption says Jazz Dancer) “this is not good.” Michelle says “Richelle would you like to tell us what Studio’s Lily been to before.” Richelle says “sure.” Lily confesses that she didn’t want people finding out about her past. Then Miss Angela enters and says “what are you two doing here get out.” Piper texts Riley to come to the studio. Miss Angela says that they have to go. Then Riley enters and says “ are you Miss Angela.” Miss angela says “who are you.” Riley says “I am the studio owner.” Richelle says (Talking Heads) “i’m So glad that Riley is the new studio owner and we have some one to get rid of Miss Angela.“ Michelle says (Talking Head Caption says Former Dance Captain) “Look out Miss Angela your days are numbered.” Summer says “I had no idea that Riley was the studio Owner.” Riley says (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Studio Owner) “look who’s back.” Riley leaves with Miss Angela.

A-Troupe has decorated Studio A with animal-print balloons and a giant poster of Miss Angela's face with "Miss Angela's The Next Step" written underneath it. When Miss Kate and Miss Angela return, Noah and Jacquie present them with a cake on which is written: "Congratulations for the new position at Miss Angela's The Next Step." Richelle tells Miss Kate that the dancers just implemented the change that Miss Angela has been planning. She also shows her pictures on her phone. Miss Kate and Miss Angela go into Studio A's office to talk.

Back in Studio A, A-troupe are concerned that Miss Angela seems to be calming Miss Kate down. Lily gets angry at Richelle and eventually smashes a piece of cake that Ozzy offers them in Richelle's face. Richelle retaliates and a food fight commences. Miss Angela and Miss Kate see the food fight and come out of the office. Miss Angela is hit in the face with cake; when she demands to know who threw it, all the dancers own up to the crime, impressing Miss Kate with their loyalty to the team. Miss Angela tells them to do planks and Miss Kate responds with firing Miss Angela as studio head. Miss Angela declares that she will defeat The Next Step at Nationals and promptly smashes cake in Miss Kate's face before leaving with Lily, who confesses that this is the reason why she never has any friends at dance. Miss Kate tells A-Troupe that they have to clean up the studio immediately, but the team starts celebrating Miss Angela's departure.

Later A-Troupe starts Dancing. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says A-Troupe Dancer) “Goodbye Miss Angela and Hello Nationals.” Kate says (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Studio Owner) “I will need to find a new studio head that the team believes in.”


  • Riley is a co-studio owner With Kate.
  • Lily is no longer a member of A-Troupe thus no longer dance captain.
  • Richelle has taken the last spot on A-Troupe.
  • Richelle is the temporary dance captain until Michelle returns.
  • Angela is no longer the studio head of the next step.