East Meets West is the 11th episode of season 5


TNS East vs TNS West. Kate returns with Riley and james to judge the competition.


Can’t Stop The Fire starts playing. Cut to Studio 1, TNS East is Dancing. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says TNS East Dance Captain) “The Studio has split into two teams TNS East and TNS West.” Richelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Acro Dancer) “it is great to be on TNS East and we are going to beat TNS West.” Amy says (Talking Heads Caption says Former TNS West Dancer) “I was part of TNS West and now I am part of A-Troupe or TNS East.” Jacquie says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “Noah switch teams and now we are going to lose.” It cuts to Studio A, Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says TNS West Dance Captain) “TNS West is the best Studio and we are going to beat TNS East.” Cierra says (Talking Heads Caption says Jazz Dancer) “It’s great being on TNS West but since Elliot left we are down to 11 dancers.” Meanwhile In Rehearsal Room, Elliot is dancing and says (Talking Heads Caption says TNS East Dancer) “I glad to be part of Emily’s troupe and not on Skylar’s. I am going to crush TNS West.” In Studio A, The Endpose is Josh, Heather, Elliot, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Henry, Michelle, Amy, Ozzy, Richelle, Tyler, Ben, Zara and Kingston.

Intro - Michelle and Amy, Noah and Jacquie, Ben and Kingston, Piper and Ozzy, Zara And Josh, Elliot and Henry, Heather and Tyler, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Josh, Heather, Elliot, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Henry, Michelle, Amy, Ozzy, Richelle, Tyler, Ben, Zara and Kingston.

TNS East and TNS West simultaneously rehearse their routines for the dance battle in their respective studios under their respective studio heads' watches. Both Skylar and Emily are fixated on having flawless routines, but Emily also confesses that she needs somebody special to be the tenth dancer on her team. The following day, the teams will finally face off against each other.

Emily allows her troupe a break. When the other dancers have left for Neutral Grounds, Josh asks Zara how her math club took it when she told them that she couldn't make it because of the dance battle, but Zara admits that nobody other than them knows about the clashing events. Zara reveals that there is an hour between the competition and the battle and that she will just take public transit to get to the latter. Josh doubts that Zara's plan will work and decides that if Zara won't tell Emily, he will. Jacquie approaches Noah in Neutral Grounds with her competitive streak on full display, admittedly intimidating Noah. Emily speaks to Elliot. Elliot confesses that he is going to take skylar’s Team down.

Emily enters the locker room where Kingston, Ben and Zara are. After the former two hurriedly leave, Emily approaches her about the math competition. Realizing that Zara is unable to make a decision which, in turn, could jeopardize the team's chance at winning, Emily pulls her from the lineup but nonetheless wishes her luck at the competition. Zara is left feeling betrayed by Josh. Emily approaches Skylar in her office. She tells her about her situation and suggests that they have a quintet battle instead; if her team wins, she will give Skylar a spot on the team. Skylar doesn’t agree, as she assures Emily that she would never join her troupe. The members of TNS West stretch as Emily enters Studio A with her dancers in tow. A few members of TNS East admit that a surprise dancer will be filling in the 10 spot of the 10 Person dance. Noah wishes Jacquie luck, but is met with her competitiveness once again. Noticing that only 9 TNS East dancers are warming up, Piper asks Richelle who their 10th dancer is. Then Elliot enters and he confesses that he is dancing with the team that is going to regionals.

Kate enters the studio with James and Riley, who will be helping her judge the competition. Riley thinks that Emily's team will win, while James thinks Skylar’s will, resulting in a bet; if Emily wins, James will have to wear his dad's powder blue suit with a ruffled shirt to her business school mixer and if Skylar wins, Riley will have to bring a sign to his concert that reads JAMES IS A BUBBLY BABE. TNS West dances. Ozzy says that they need to make sure that they are going to regionals.

TNS East performs Midway through the performance, Zara rushes in (the math competition having overrun), making her realize that she was late after all. When the performance ends, Kate, James, and Riley tell the dancers that they will deliberate and go into the office to do so. With the dance-off over, Jacquie approaches Noah with her normality returned. Noah and Jacquie agree that, next time, they just won't talk to each other at all while Jacquie is in competition mode. Adamenters the studio and beckons Josh, telling him that their parents are waiting in the car to drive them to his hockey banquet. Despite the banquet being four hours long, Josh assures Adam that they can leave without him. Josh is unsurprised by his family prioritizing hockey over dance yet again. Amy assures Piper that she danced amazingly and the two hug, only to be left in simultaneous worry upon watching Kate, Riley, and James deliberate from afar. In the office, Riley and James both vie for their respective teams. Kingston notices Lola biting her nails, a habit that he does when nervous as well. He advises her to find a distraction from it, such as hoverboarding. Both Skylar and Emily nervously pace, hoping their team wins, but admittedly unsure. Kate, James, and Riley finally make their decision and re-enter the studio. Kate announces that TNS East is the winner. Skylar looks at Piper in disbelief and the TNS east dancers leave to celebrate


  • TNS East are going to regionals.
  • Elliot is now a member of TNS East.

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