Fire With Fire is the 15th Episode Of Season 6. It is the 5th Episode of Season 6.5. It is the last episode of Season 6.


“Heather tells Piper about Josh. AcroNation and The Next Step gets a shock when Miss Angela becomes owner of Absolute Dance. And The Studios get to the final.”


In Studio A, A-Troupe is warming up and Heather is distracted after Josh returned to the Studio. Piper asks her “what’s wrong?” Heather says “well, Josh has returned to the next step.” Piper says “what?! (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) with Josh back, thing are going to change.” Emily and Giselle enter and Giselle says “guys, We have something big to announce.” Piper says “what.“ Emily says “Well, Angela has taken control of Absolute Dance.” Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “what?! If Miss angela is the owner of Absolute Dance all teams are losing the competitions.” Davis says “what does this mean?” Giselle says “well, to save us from her we are not going to Nationals anymore.” Elliot says (Talking Heads Caption says Ballet Dancer) “what?!” Davis says “no, we’ve worked to hard to not go to Nationals.” Then Angela enters. Angela says (Talking Heads Caption says Absolute Dance Owner) “I‘m Back.”

Intro - Michelle and Skye, Noah and Jacquie, Heather and Elliot, Piper and Summer, Kingston and Charlie, Davis and Henry, Richelle and Lola. Endpose Is Charlie, Heather, Noah, Jacquie, Davis, Kingston, Richelle, Michelle, Henry, Summer, Skye, Piper, Lola And Elliot.

In Studio A, A-Troupe is discussing what they do now. Giselle says “Guys, I have decided to submit a video of you all so we can go to internationals.” Michelle says (Talking heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “this would be a great opportunity but we have been pairing for nationals not Internationals. I need to get AcroNation on broad or we are not going to Nationals.”

In Studio 1, AcroNation is working on their finals routine. Amy says to Thalia ”did you here about Angela being the owner of the absolute Dance.” Thalia says “yes, I did.” Then Michelle enters and says “Thalia, can I talk to you.” Thalia says “yeah sure.” Michelle says “I would like you to help us get to nationals.” Then Miss Angela comes in and says “you and the Next Step Dance Studio will be competing against you later today.” In the Theatre, The Next Step is rehreasing their routine for Nationals As now it is just AcroNation And The Next Step competing.

AcroNation starts dancing To Welcome to The Nation. Amy says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Next Step Dancer) “this routine is amazing and we get a chance to go to Internationals.“ Emily says (Talking Heads Caption says Next Step co-Studio Head.) “AcroNation is amazing but our routine is better.” Thalia says (Talking Heads Caption says AcroNation Studio Head) “I couldn't Be more proud of my team.” Summer says (Talking Heads Caption says Lyrical Dancer) ”looks like we are going to bring it Into the final.” AcroNation finish their routine.

The Next Step heads out onto the stage. Lola says (Talking Heads Caption says Jazz Dancer) “a-Troupe has been though a lot and we are ready for this.” A-Troupe starts dancing to Hold on to Me. Michelle says “A-Troupe has been through a lot. TNS East vs Tns West, Miss Angela And now the final of Nationals.” Elliot says (Talking Heads Caption says Ballet Dancer) “we hav been through a lot and now we are in the final of Nationals. AcroNation was good but we are better.” A-Troupe poses. The judges call both teams to the stage. Chloe walks onto the stage. Chloe says “the winner of the 19th annual Nationals is... The Next Step Dance Studio.” Emily and Giselle scream. Emily says (Talking Heads) “we did it we won Nationals.” Davis says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Dance Captain) “I have decided to step down as Dance Captain And let someone else lead us to Internationals.”

Later That Day, Amy is Dancing In studio 1. Amy says (Talking Heads Caption says AcroNation Dancer) “I wanted to win but we lost and AcroNation has nothing left. I am leaving AcroNation.” In Studio A’s Office, Miss Kate is sat there. Then Emily and Giselle enter celebrating the win at Nationals. Miss Kate says “ladies, you just the two people I wanted to see.” Giselle says “what wrong?” Miss Kate says (Talking Heads Caption says Studio Owner) “as Riley has left I have decided to sell the next step. (Back In The Office) I have decided to sell the Next Step” Emily says (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Studio Head) “this going to change everything.”


  • The Next Step Dance Studio has won Nationals again therefore taking back two of their titles
  • Miss Angela now owns Absolute Dance
  • Amy has left AcroNation.
  • Kate has decided to sell the next step
  • Riley is no longer a Studio Owner.
  • Davis is no longer dance captain.