Flying is the 2nd episode of Season 5 also known as TNS new starts. It also includes some scenes from the Off Season: Season 1.


Riley considers leaving, Dancers get ready to audition for A-Troupe.


Riley speaks of how she regrets taking Amanda out of the finals dance at Regionals. Riley and Michelle are in Neutral Grounds discussing how amazing it is that Amanda is on tour in England with Giselle. Michelle confesses that since the Regionals loss, many dancers have left The Next Step Dance Studio to move onto greater opportunities. Riley tells Michelle that she still feels really bad for kicking Amanda off the finals dance. Riley confesses that Regionals was a big regret of hers, mostly because she feels completely responsible that they lost. Michelle confesses that Riley shouldn't blame it on herself, as being studio head is a big role with a lot of pressure. Although, Michelle admits that if she was studio head, she would not have let herself compete in the finals dance. As Michelle is saying this, Emily arrives and claims that Amy should have been taken off the routine, since dance and personal problems can never mix. After Riley and Michelle formally greet her, Emily assures them that Regionals is in the past and have to look toward the future; although there will be many changes, she knows they will be good.

Intro - James and Riley, Piper and Alfie, Noah and Amanda, Sloane and LaTroy, Skylar And cassie, Amy and Richelle, Michelle and Henry.

Daniel is stretching in Studio A, preparing to do a final dance in the studio, seeing as Kate is opening a new studio space for A-Troupe. Seconds later, West enters the studio to perform a final dance as well. The two decide to dance together, seeing as they have already done so in the past. As they dance, they reminisce about their experiences in the studio, and the growth they have undergone as a result. From opposite sides of the studio, Michelle and Emily enter and watch West and Daniel dance. While Michelle prefers West's hip-hop and Emily is enamoured by Daniel's technique, the two are able to agree that it is an amazing duet. When the dance ends, all four parties take part in a group hugs.

Richelle is at her favourite pointe shoe shop to buy a new pair of pointe shoes. A clerk at the store helps Richelle find a new pair. Richelle confesses that in order to find the perfect shoe, you must look at the length, then the width (which is measured in Xs). She also confesses that pointe shoes have a limited life span, and the biggest culprit is breaking the shank. Richelle confesses the importance of the perfect pointe shoe at such a competitive level, as ill-fitting ones could result in injury. Richelle finally finds her new pair of shoes, much to her excitement.

J-Troupe warms up in Studio A. One of the J-Troupers approaches Ozzy and reveals that Miss Amanda has left and will no longer be their teacher, anguishing Ozzy, who confesses that the new teacher can only hope to be as good as Amanda. Although, this is statement forgotten when Richelle, the new teacher, enters the room, tossing her hair (angelically, through Ozzy's eyes) in the process. Ozzy is left in awe, since he believes Richelle to be the best dancer in the studio. Ozzy consequently fantasizes about dancing with Richelle and ultimately decides that the more time he spends with Richelle, the more likely he is to become her boyfriend. Suddenly, Ozzy is snapped out of his fantasy by Richelle, who asks him if he is okay. Ozzy assures Richelle that he is fine, albeit not as fine as she is. Richelle starts the class, as Ozzy confesses that, while it will take time for Richelle to like him, it is bound to happen.

Josh and his brother are playing street hockey together. Josh confesses that his family is moving from the country to the city so that his brother has more opportunities to pursue his hockey career. His brother asks him why he won't try out for the hockey team, but Josh insists that he just wants to focus on dance and that he can do so at The Next Step Dance Studio. Josh confesses that he is nervous to move to the city but excited to audition for the studio.

Richelle sits in Neutral Grounds and watches a vloggers's unboxing video on her device. Richelle confesses that she is embarrassed that she loves unboxing videos, but is nonetheless excited to see what the vlogger opens. As Richelle is watching the video, LaTroy and Henry sneak up behind her and tap her on the back, causing Richelle to immediately remove her earphones and turn her device face down. Henry then asks Richelle what she is doing, even though he already knows. Richelle lies that she was watching dance videos. She then asks Henry if he needs something but Henry says that he just came to say "Hi" and leaves. He confesses that he didn't think that Richelle would be into unboxing videos, but that he is just going to let it slide. LaTroy slowly backs away to the exit and confesses that Richelle's secret is safe with him.

Heather is in Neutral Grounds, getting interviewed for a job. Although working there is not her first choice, Heather confesses that she has to do what she has to do. The interviewer comments that dance is listed under her interests on her resume and informs her that a dance studio is in the building, to which Heather claims that it must just be an old resume and that she forgot to take that off. Unsure, the interviewer asks her if she will be distracted when dancers come in talking about jetés and pirouettes, which he mispronounces. At this, Heather confesses that the interviewer is a moron, but that she doesn't care so long as he hires her. Heather assures the interviewer that she hates jetés and pirouettes and, above all, relevés. Although, Heather confesses that it will actually be nice hearing about dance. The interview ends, after which Piper enters the store. Piper immediately recognises Heather from Regionals and approaches her about it, although Heather feigns ignorance. Piper leaves, apologising for bothering her. Heather confesses that she doesn't want her to know that she was a dancer because it is in her past. Piper heads to studio A.

LaTroy, allegedly being the master of the style, is teaching Amy and Piper pop and lock and animation moves in Studio A, to prepare for upcoming A-Troupe auditions. As the session continues, a girl enters Studio A and peers in Kate's office. Amy notices this and offers the girl some help, to which she asks where the studio head is. Piper informs the girl that she just left. The girl, Lola, confesses that she is planning to switch studios and was hoping to see Kate, so that she could make a good first impression. As Lola turns to leave, Piper asks if she is a dancer, to which Lola replies that she is and is currently a member of Encore Dance Studios. Lola confesses that The Next Step might be a good place for her. Amy is aware that the studio is very competitive and asks Lola why she is leaving there, to which Lola asserts that it is good but she is looking for something more challenging for the upcoming dance season. Lola confesses that Encore is challenging enough, and that she is actually leaving because she doesn't have any friends there and wants a fresh start. Amy invites Lola to join in on the pop and lock session. Despite her thankfulness, Lola declines the offer, saying that she needs to rehearse for auditions. Lola confesses that she thinks The Next Step could be a good place for her.

Later on Michelle enters. Michelle is stretching in Studio A, wanting to be perfect at the A-Troupe auditions. Kate and asks Michelle what she is doing there. Michelle explains that she is getting ready for the auditions, surprising Kate as she thought that Michelle is ready to move on from the studio as her peers have done. Michelle confesses that all of her old A-Trouper friends have been given opportunities and is still waiting on hers, thinking that A-Troupe is where she should be for now. Kate reminds Michelle that the auditions are gong to be held in the new space, which Michelle is declined from seeing even a sneak peak of, as she has to wait like all the other dancers. Michelle expresses her excitement for what is in store for The Next Step.


  • Amanda is on the world tour with Giselle.
  • Lola is a former member of Encore Dance Studios.
  • Heather works at Neutral Grounds, The new juice bar.
  • Heather no longer dances at any studio.
  • Richelle loves unboxing videos
  • Josh is a former hockey player and is auditioning for the studio