“Goodbye Forever?” is a special episode of The Next Step:New Starts. It was aired before the premiere of Season 6. It will paused Current storylines.


“The Next Step becomes threatened when someone wants to close the studio. Will they have the power to keep the studio open or will they have to leave to find a new studio. It will take everything. Is it time to say goodbye?”


A-Troupe is dances in Studio A, reminiscing over the past few months in the studio, celebrating their Regionals win, Nationals Win and Internationals win. Emily says that it was great to be part of the regionals team and the nationals team. Chloe says that she was amazed that she was part of two teams and now she is back for a little while. Michelle says when she first came she didn’t know anyone and now she had lead the studio to a new start. Riley confesses that she was part of the 9th regionals team, the second team to go to nationals, and the very first international team. Then she confesses that she lead the 10th A-Troupe to Regionals and lost. Piper states that she is looking forward to dancing with the original A-Troupers to help save the studio. Noah says that the studio is in trouble and they need to get everyone on board. Amy says “this will make or break A-Troupe and the studio.”

Intro - Emily and Michelle, Riley and James, Hunter and Amanda, Giselle and Chloe, Eldon and Thalia, Noah and West, Tiffany and Stephanie, LaTroy And Sloane, Amy and Piper, Henry and Richelle, Daniel and Skylar, Cierra and Max, Jacquie and Heather, Elliot and Josh, Alfie and Zara, Ozzy and Lola, Cassie and Kingston. No EndPose.

In Studio A, TNS Member are coming up with ideas for a way to save the studio. Ben suggest that they invite famous people to help them come up with and idea. Then Beckett, Vanessa and Carly enter studio a. Carly states that she came from Keaton School Of The Arts And they were going to be shut down they put a project together ready to show the board. Vanessa says that she started a The next Step and she really needs to help them keep the studio open. Beckett states that they are moving to the next step to dance with A-Troupe.

In the orange blossm room, Annabelle and Rachel are singing calling, calling. Then Luke, Mary, Jude, Ava, Clara and Mr T enter. Mr T announces that the studio is being shut down and they cannot do anything. Mr T leaves. Clara says that the Next Step is also being closed as well. Luke says that he needs to merge with The Next Step. Meanwhile in Neurtal Grounds, Piper and Michelle are talking about what is happening to the studio. Then John and Theo enter. Michelle confesses that she has been to focoused on A-Troupe and not outside the studio. Theo says that he needs everyone to work together. Michelle tells them about the closing of the studio.

In Rehreasal room, Riley is coming up choreography for the seasons project to keep the studio open. Then Alfie enters and asks her what she is doing. Riley says that she is coming up with choreography for the project. Alfie asks her what project. Riley tells him about anything. In Studio 1, A-Troupe is reherasing the choreography that michelle created. They state that if this doesn’t work then the studio will close forever.

Annabelle is in Neutral Grounds setting up the microphones ready for the show. Then Jude enters and states that she is going to sing a song for them. Meanwhile in Studio A, Luke, Theo, James and John are setting up the band things. In Studio A Office, Kate and Mr T are sat talking about the closer of both their studios. Then Michelle enters and asks them to Come to neutral grounds.

They Enter. Michelle says “I am proud to present the Next Step.” Annabelle, Leia, Rachel And Mary start singing Made Of Stars. Annabelle says that this better work. Then Piper starts dancing. Piper says “we are going to stay open and this is going be amazing.” Then Annabelle and Mary leave. Then leia and Rachel start singing calling, calling. Rachel confesses that she is glad to be opening the show.“ miss Kate says to mr t ‘They are amazing.” he agrees. Then Michelle, Ben, Heather start a tap routine and lead them to studio 1. Evryone follows, Amy and Piper are waiting behind a Tree since they are doing a season theme. Then they Starts dancing to Light Up The Night. Amy confesses “nothing is going to be the same again because we are The Next Step and we are here to stay.” Piper says “It is time to shine.” Then All Of B-Troupe start dancing. Mr t Confesses that this is going to change the future. Then Giselle, Amanda and Thalia start their routine. And lead them to Studio A. Luke starts dancing to Mountains. Riley starts dancing. Then James, Eldon, Tiffany, Stephanie, Cierra, Emily and Thalia join in. Hunter starts his duet with Elliot. Elliot says that He is back to help the Next Step.