I have a visision is the 16th episode of season 5


Josh returns. Zara gets a foe arrive at the studio.


Josh sits with a still disappointed Piper in Neutral Grounds and apologizes to her, assuring her that she would have been an amazing dance captain. Piper admits that she misses being such a special part of the team which oddly reminds Josh of a story of when he was hit with his cows' dung-covered tails when going to milk them one day. Upon Piper's inquiry, Josh admits that there is no correlation between the scenarios, but that it at least made her smile. Emily finds Heather in her office finishing the filing. Emily is left impressed and offers Heather a chance to help out with Baby Ballet and J-Troupe and, after thanking Emily, Heather runs out to get to rehearsal.

Intro - Michelle and Amy, Noah and Jacquie, Ben and Kingston, Piper and Ozzy, Zara And Heather, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Heather, Ben, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Amy, Ozzy, Richelle, Zara and Kingston.

Michelle leads A-Troupe's warm-up. Kingston tells Heather about the amount of views their video already has, leaving Heather even more happy about being able to hang out with her friends with less hours at Neutral Grounds. Ozzy expresses how tiring the warm-up is to Ben, but Ben tells Ozzy that he has to get used to it, as it was normal on TNS East. Amy enters the studio with her mom, finally being able to rejoin her team. After hugging her mom goodbye, Amy confesses that their relationship is looking up. The team welcomes her back and she joins warm-up with her teammates. Upon Amy's inquiry, Piper reveals that Michelle is the new dance captain, bemusing Amy. Amy confesses that the team is now ready to head to regionals.

While Piper is able to confess that Michelle is doing well as dance captain, Richelle is opposed to Michelle's direction. Emily and Skylar announces That Noah is co-captain with Michelle. They eventually discuss their upcoming Regionals, for which Emily erroneously assumes that the team will be doing her choreography but, after Skylar reminds Emily of their co-studio head status, claims that they will figure something out.

A female hip-hop solo will also be included, to Daniel's chagrin, for which Jacquie, Richelle, and Zara will vie. Piper is disappointed, having always considered herself strong at hip-hop. When Jacquie talks to Zara about how much commitment the solo promises, Zara realizes that she has to pick between math and dance. 

Josh sits in Neutral Grounds, ignorant to Adam's whereabouts after storming off. Adam arrives suddenly and asks Josh why he didn't tell anyone he made the team, believing it to be due to jealousy. Although, Josh admits that he didn't want anyone to suspect that he was leaving and confesses that he genuinely feels badly for Adam. Nonetheless, Adam deems it a sign of not caring about his accomplishments. Adam sits down in melancholy and admits that he doesn't know how he will tell their parents. Josh suggests that they go to the studio and dance to release their energy.

Zara, Jacquie, and Richelle rehearse the choreography for their audition in Studio A. Both Jacquie and Richelle are especially confident about their chances. Richelle tries to psyche out Zara and Jacquie to no avail. In studio 1, Adam admits that he is going to be joining the studio. Which means that josh can stay. Josh is over the moon that he can stay but then realises that he isn’t on A-Troupe. Adam tells him they will audition after they have been to regionals.

Piper finds Heather reading a magazine in the locker room. Piper assures Heather that she was trying to help, but Heather assures her that she doesn't need it, claiming that Piper is attempting to be her own personal dance captain. Piper realizes that Heather is right; she is pushing hip-hop onto Heather as a way to exercise her previous tasks as dance captain since she misses the role. Piper realizes that she needs to figure out for herself where she fits in on the team.

Daniel and West reveal to the girls that Zara has won the solo. Zara is ecstatic, as this is her biggest role on the team thus far and proves that she was right in choosing dance over math. Richelle is left furious, believing that Zara is undeserving of the solo and claiming that she won't forget what took place.


  • Josh is staying at the studio
  • Josh and Adam are part of B-Troupe
  • Zara is doing the hip-hop solo.