It’s Gala Day is the 23rd episode of the next Step:New Starts. It is the 3rd Episode of The Off Season.


Amanda gets A surprise from a old dancer. Shelby and Piper start working on the nationals routine. Lola asks Michelle for help with Dance Captain.


In Studio A’s Office, Amanda is writing the list of Dancers competing at Nationals, Michelle enters and asks her why she did she get Dance Captain. Amanda replies that she has something special for Michelle. Michelle confesses that it better be something special. Then Adam enters and says that he is leaving and Finn will take his spot. Finn says that he ready for anything.

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Jacquie and Noah, Summer and Finn, Kenzie and Charlie, Frazer and Kingston, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Kenzie, Michelle, Piper, Lola, Richelle, Finn, Charile, Summer, Jacquie, Frazer, Kingston And Noah.

In Studio 1, Old A-Troupers enter. Riley says that she is dancing in the gala. They start dancing. Emily says that she has dance in a long time. West says it is great dancing with the original A-Troupe. Skylar enters and starts dancing. Skylar confesses that part of the gala will feature all the a-troupes thourgh The years. Cierra confesses that she lost her spot at the first audition of A-Troupe. Sloane, Cassie, Henry, Ozzy, Zara, Heather, Josh, Adam and Daniel start joining in. Daniel confesses that he is looking forward to dancing at the gala.

In Studio A, Amanda is sat in the office figuring out the order of the dancers. Then Giselle enters and says that she is back to dance and no longer be part of the studio. Giselle says that she has got all of the old A-Troupe members in studio 1. Amanda confesses that she cannot believe that Giselle got all of the old A-Troupe member together. In Studio 1, Season 1 A-Troupe is dancing together. Tiffany confesses that it is weird dancing with her old friends and now she is the studio head of her own team. Stephanie says that she is part of two dances the Team that won regionals and the one that won Internationals. Chloe says that she was only part of the Internationals team for a short while and she will be featured in two of the routines. Then Season 2 A-Troupe is rehearsing. Hunter confesses that it is weird being in the studio. Then the current A-Troupe enter. Piper confesses that she cannot that she is part of three of the routines. Amy confesses that she is part of two. Michelle says that she is Featured In All of The A-Troupe Dances. Riley goes up to Michelle they talk. Finn, Summer, Charlie and Shelby say that they are current members and most of theses dancers are old dancers of the team.

Later, Amanda and Giselle enter. Amanda says that Season 1 A-Troupe will be going first with their Stand up Routine. Giselle says that Then Season 2 A-Troupe will be next with Tiffany and Stephanie slowly disappearing with Hunter, Amanda and Thalia will join in. Then Season 3 A-Troupe will Dance with Hunter, Chloe, Emily disappearing And then Cierra, Stephanie and Max enter and start dancing. Michelle says that will this be the opening number. Giselle says yes. Amanda then says that West and Daniel have a Duet. Giselle says that the Soloist are Skylar, Michelle, Richelle, Piper, Lola, Noah and Emily and the trio will be Amy, Amanda and Michelle Than Jacquie, Henry, LaTroy, Elliot And Sloane will speak to the audience. Elliot says that he is happy to speak to the Audience. Giselle says that Season 3 A-Troupe will Dance again. But as the dance goes on it goes down to Noah, Amanda, Michelle, Riley and Cierra. Then Michelle, Noah and Riley boutwill start dancing To A-side then Amanda and the season 4 A-Troupe will start with them.

Later that Amanda is rehearsing her solo for her section of the gala. She confesses when she first came to the next step she was trying to bring them down and now she is the studio head. Riley and Emily enter and Emily says that Amanda is such an amazing Dancer and will make and amazing Studio Head. Meanwhile in the music room, Jacquie, Henry, LaTroy, Elliot and Sloane are trying to figure out what they say at the gala. Meanwhile in Studio B, Piper, Shelby and Amy are trying to figure out choreography for Nationals since Amy is going to nationals. Amy says that A-Troupe needs a Jazz/ Contemporary routine. Piper confesses that since she lost her position as Dance Captain she is less important. Piper leaves. In the rehearsal room, Summer starts dancing. Summer states that she started dancing when she was five and she has been part of the best studios in the world and now she is on a winning team. Piper enters and says that Summer is such an amazing Dancer and she will make a great dance captain One day. Summer says that Piper has been really nice since she has been here.

The Dancers arrive at the venue. Lola says that she is nervous about dancing a solo for the gala. Michelle enters. Lola says that she is going to rehearse her solo on the stage. Michelle says that she is performing her nationals solo. Summer says this is my first year on A-Troupe and now I have a solo with this studio. Kate gathers all the dancers together. Kate says that they are going to do a run through of the event. Noah states that he is going to make his way back though A-Troupe right back to the top. Richelle says that she was injured but now she is back to her old level and nothing is going to stop her making it to the top.


  • The Opening Sequence has removed Ozzy, Heather, Elliot, Zara and Amy and has added Summer, Kenzie, Finn, Charlie and Frazer.
  • Adam has quit A-Troupe
  • Finn took his spot on A-Troupe.