“Leon Me” is the 5th Episode of Season 5.


Emily has hired a guest choreographer, Leon Blackwood, to teach a hip-hop class for TNS East, but when TNS West shows up too, Skylar and Emily go head to head.


Amy sits on a bench as she oversees Henry and Ozzy's dancing in Studio A. As they dance, Richelle and Lola enter the studio and take the cubes. They then return, tell Amy to get off the bench, and take that too. Amy, Ozzy, and Henry are left confused and without an explanation — other than a vague "A-Troupe business" from Richelle, as she and Lola leave with the bench. Henry vows to get to the bottom of the situation.

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Noah and Jacquie, Ben and Kingston, Amy and Ozzy, Zara And Josh, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Elliot, Amy, Richelle, Lola, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Piper, Zara, Ozzy, Kingston and Josh.

Henry and Noah are hanging out in Neutral Grounds and perfecting a new handshake. Noah confesses that he and Henry are best friends and that, being on separate troupes, he hopes it stays that way. Henry confesses that he is buttering up Noah to get information from him about what is happening in Studio 1. Without much persuasion, Noah easily admits that Leon Blackwood is coming in to teach a master class for he and the other members of TNS East, including Jacquie. Speaking of Jacquie, Noah tries to ask Henry if it's okay to go to the movies with her, but Henry refuses. Noah tells Henry to bring his friends to Leon's class. Noah admits that he isn't sure if he is allowed to invite Henry, but that he just wanted to get off of the topic of Jacquie.

In Studio A, Skylar asks to see Amy and Ozzy's attitudes. As this happens, Henry runs in and announces that Leon Blackwood is teaching a masterclass. Skylar confesses that Leon Blackwood actually started The Underground Dance Centre in Toronto. Skylar allows the dancers to attend the class, not thinking it will be a problem despite not being invited. Henry, Ozzy, Amy, and Skylar excitedly exit the studio, chanting Leon's name. Meanwhile, Emily asserts to the dancers that they will be polite, prepared, and professional. As Emily orders the dancers not to embarrass her, Skylar, Ozzy, Amy, and Henry enter the studio, still chanting Leon's name. Michelle confesses that she is a little confused why Skylar and TNS West is there. Emily quickly pulls skylar aside and asks Skylar why she is there. Skylar tells her that her dancers are there for the masterclass, which Emily reminds her they weren't invited to. Skylar is confused as to why this is a problem, while Emily deems Skylar’s behaviour to be classic. Henry and Noah greet each other happily, with Noah hoping that Emily doesn't find out he spilled the beans about the class. As Skylar and Emily continue to argue, Amy tells Piper that she must be excited, but Piper tells Amy that she is speaking to Josh at the moment, hurting Amy. 

Then Leon Blackwood enters and says that he is here to teach them a routine for regionals. He chooses Lola, Josh, Noah, Jacquie and Amy. Amy says to Leon Blackwood that she isn’t here to dance. Leon says that everyone should dance. Emily confesses that it isn’t Amy’s fault that she picked it’s skylar’s.

Lola, Josh, Jacquie, Noah, and Amy begin their routine with Noah and Jacquie at the center. Henry realizes that there is definitely more happening between Jacquie and Noah than just dance. Watching how fun the dance is, Zara regrets shying away from Leon. Piper also wishes she was up dancing. When the dance ends, Leon thanks skylar and Emily for having him, calling them co-studio heads in the process, obviously upsetting Emily. Ozzy commends Amy on the choreography, while Josh apologizes to Piper for Amy taking her spot. As Amy tries to approach her, Piper exits with Josh.

Amy storms into Studio A in tears. Amy confesses that her friendship with Piper is important to her because, with Sloane and Cassie gone, she is the only one left who is there for her. As Amy cries beside her cubby, Skylar enters her office, complimenting Amy and not even noticing that she is upset... that is, until Skylar prepares to leave. Skylar asks Amy what's wrong and Amy admits that she was embarrassed because Piper is mad at her due to Skylar’s doing. Amy asks why they had to crash the class anyway and Skylar explains that TNS West just doesn't have the same amount of support and funding as TNS East. Amy retorts that they can never be the best team without the resources and storms out of the studio.

Meanwhile, Emily tells her dancers that TNS West is starting to take advantage of them and announces that it is thereby forbidden to discuss A-Troupe business with anybody who is not currently dancing in Studio 1. Noah is worried about his relationship with Henry with the new rule in place. While sitting in Neutral Grounds, he is joined by Henry. Henry pries about Noah's relationship with Jacquie and is hurt upon his subsequent lies. Henry tells Noah that friends do not lie to each other so, from that point on, they are no longer friends.


  • Leon Blackwood helped choreograph a routine for regionals.
  • A-Troupe dancers are banned from talking about A-Troupe things.