Like you is the 19th episode of season 5.


“The Next Step arrives at regionals but they stop the competition and say they have to make a video.”


A-Troupe excitedly walks through the lobby of the Regionals venue. Emily asks Michelle how she is doing and, to her contentment, Michelle replies that she is excited. Emily gathers the troupe around and tells that although they are prepared with Richelle’s excellent solo, they must be ready for anything. Riley approaches a delegate to sign Richelle in for the solround. Richelle confesses that she was taken out of the trio and this is all she got.

Intro - Michelle and Amy, Noah and Jacquie, Ben and Kingston, Piper and Ozzy, Zara And Heather, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Heather, Ben, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Amy, Ozzy, Richelle, Zara and Kingston.

SNR Network's coverage of the competition commences, with Chuck Anderson and Tanisha Scott at the helm. With the solo round about to begin, Tanisha reminds the audience that freestyle is the extreme opposite of choreography, as dancers must spontaneously connect to the music and construct a dance. Meanwhile, Richelle rehearses in another room. Richelle admits that she is nervous,. Backstage, Michelle notes Amy's jumpiness. The first competitor takes the stage. Michelle admits that she fears she did not work hard enough on the trio. The first competitor finishes her solo and a dancer from Gemini Dance Studio takes the stage and performs exceptionally. While Richelle is relieved to see a Acro solo, the fact that it is so well done sets her on edge. Gemini Dance Studio wins the round with ease. Richelle asks Emily for advice, she merely tells her that she will do great. Richelle takes the stage. Richelle confesses that she is going to do her best to make sure that they stay in the competition. Then the regionals judges call all the dancers to the stage. They say that they will have to create a video. A-Troupe returns to the studio. Emily confesses that she cannot believe that. Skylar says that they worked so hard on those routines and now they are going to waste. Heather admits that she is glad to not dancing at regionals because she saw her old team.

Ozzy phones his uncle Tony to ensure that his theatre is ready for their video shoot, which he believes is Sunday. Kingston, overhearing the end of the conversation, reminds Ozzy that the shoot is on Saturday and that video submission has to be done by Sunday. Ozzy pretends that he was aware of this, but realizes that he made a huge mistake. Ozzy calls his uncle back to change the date, but discovers that a wedding will be held at his theatre on the Saturday. Emily notices Ozzy's fretfulness from Studio A's office, but Ozzy plays it off despite not having a venue for their shoot. Richelle retreats to the locker room and opens her locker to find a bouquet of flowers with a note attached indicating that it is from Ethan. Richelle confesses that she has always admired him and that she supposes he felt the same way.

With no venue for the team, Ozzy mopes in Neutral Grounds. After Kingston inquires about his sullen state, Ozzy eventually reveals the predicament. Kingston becomes angry with Ozzy, in disbelief that they have nowhere to shoot the video. Nonetheless, Kingston is willing to help Ozzy rectify the situation as his best friend.

Noah politely confronts Jacquie about her choreography, although Jacquie responds defensively, believing that she was in the right because hip-hop works better with the song. As the confrontation continues, Ben, Heather, and Piper return from their break. Jacquie bitterly allows Noah to teach them new choreography. Throughout the tutelage, Jacquie repeatedly interjects with orders for hip-hop moves, causing Noah to eventually angrily order her to stop. In accordance with Heather's suggestion of a break, the two tensely part ways.


  • Regionals now is a video.
  • Richelle still has told anyone about being injured apart from Emily and Daniel.