Live and Learn is the 25th episode Of The Next Step:New Starts. It is the 5th Episode Of The Off Season.


”Richelle pushes herself to limit, The Next Step gets a shock.”


In Studio 1, Kenzie and Lola are Talking. Kenzie asks Lola if she remembers the old studio head. Lola states that she was a nightmare and she couldn’t stand up for anyone. Kenzie says that her and Lola were never friends.

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Jacquie and Noah, Summer and Finn, Kenzie and Charlie, Frazer and Kingston, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Kenzie, Michelle, Piper, Lola, Richelle, Finn, Charile, Summer, Jacquie, Frazer, Kingston And Noah.

In Studio A, Frazer is dancing to Saviour. Frazer states he had started dancing when he was very young and he has moved from England. Then A new dancer enters and asks where Amanda is. Frazer says what’s the person name. The person replies that it is Robbie. Robbie starts dancing to Believe. While Robbie is dancing, A-Troupe enters. Piper says where did this guy come from he is amazing. Michelle says that he is better than some of the guys that are on A-Troupe. Robbie states that he was Dance captain of his last studio Oxford Dance Academy. Michelle says that he could be a really good dancer for the nationals team. Robbie finishes. Michelle confesses that she hasn’t seen anyone dance like him since Eldon was at the studio.

In Shakes and Ladders, Stephanie is ordering a juice. Then Emily serves her the juice. Stephanie states that she has been to different films and now she is back to celebrate the team holding the gala. Skylar approaches Cierra. Cierra is thinking about what she dones next since after the TNS West And East drama she was cut from TNS West. Skylar confessses that she need to fix her relationship with Cierra.

In Studio A, Henry returns. Henry confesses that he is back to audition for the studio again. Noah enters. Noah states that it was strange with Henry and now they are going to nationals. Henry says hello to Noah. Noah says Hi back. Henry states that he cannot believe that they won Regionals. Meanwhile, In Studio 1, Richelle is dancing to mountians. Richelle states that her hip hasn’t fully healed and she doesn’t want anyone to know that. Michelle enters and asks her how her hip is. Richelle states that she has a doctors appointment later and she will find out if she can compete.

In the Music Room, robbie is thinking about auditioning but the A-Troupe is full. Then Miss Anglea and Lily enter and miss Anglea states that she wants Lily to go to Nationals. Robbie states that he wants to go and he starts wondering if Miss Anglea will start her own team. Then Simone, Winnie and Heathcliff enter and Heathcliff states that he wants to go to Nationals even if means that he needs to join a new team.

In Studio 1, Jacquie is rehearsing a routine. Jacquie states since winning Regionals she has had to improve very quickly. Then Davis, Jacquie’s Older Sister, enters. Jacquie asks her what she is doing here. Davis says that she is here to audition Stacey Carpenter‘s school of Dance. Jacquie says who is that. Davis replies that she is a Studio Head. Then In Studio A, Amanda is watching Richelle rehearse. Then Richelle hurts her hip and falls to ground and then Kate enters and says “Amanda, My office now.” Amanda states that this isn’t good. Kate says that she suspended Amanda.

In Studio A, A-Troupe is waiting for Amanda. Kate enters and says that she is shutting down the studio for Three weeks. Michelle states this is not good for the studio and the dancers. Noah states that he wanted to dance at Nationals and with the studio shut they will not be ready for Nationals. In the hospital, Richelle gets some bad news. Richelle states that she has offcially quit Dance.


  • The Next Step Dance Studio is shut down for 3 weeks
  • Robbie, Winnie, Heathcliff, Henry, Davis and Lilly want to audition for the nationals team.
  • Richelle has officially quit dance.
  • Amanda has been suspended.
  • Davis is Jacquie’s Older Sister.