lost In the world” is the 2nd Episode Of Season 6. It will air on the 23rd Of July 2018


To help Piper, Noah strikes a bargain with Miss Angela's daughter, Lily.


Michelle leads the team in a Barre Exercise. Lily then walks in and tells Michelle that she will take over. Miss Angela is fair and tells her as Michelle earned Dance Captain then she should do it and Lily joins in. Miss Angela comments on the dancers: she says Lily had good smile, Amy should turn the other way and even calls Ozzy ‘Fozzy’. After, Miss Angela announces that she will be doing duets. Summer asks her if they should choose a partner for Piper as she is “ill” but Miss Angela says it’s what happens when she misses rehearsal. In the Locker Room, Amy is talking to Piper on her phone. Piper says she is ill but Amy knows that something else is going on. In talking heads: Piper admits she isn’t coming back because she doesn’t want to be embarrassed again.

Intro - Jacquie and Noah, Summer and Amy, Henry and ozzy, Kingston and Kenzie, Michelle and Finn, Piper and Richelle. Endpose is Finn, Summer, Kenzie, Kingston, Richelle, Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Piper, Henry, Amy and Ozzy.

Meanwhile in Shakes And Ladders, Piper is thinking about what she does next. Piper confesses that she isn’t coming back to A-Troupe. In Studio A, A-Troupe is rehearsing with someone from B-Troupe. Amy confesses that she wants Piper back on the team. Then Miss Angela enters with Lily. Miss Angela announces that B-Troupers will be watching them rehearse. Then she introduces Winnie, Winnie confesses that she is currently on B-Troupe and B-Troupe has a lot of Drama. Skylar, Emily and Piper enter studio 1, Piper says that she has been moved from A-Troupe to B-Troupe. Piper starts dancing to Home. Skylar says that Piper shouldn’t have lost her spot on A-Troupe.

In Studio A, Finn and Jacquie are rehearsing a duet. Then Kenzie enters and says that she is here to work with A-Troupers. Meanwhile, Piper says to Emily that she needs her help to over throw Miss Anglea. Emily confesses that she needs to work with Piper to get her back on to A-Troupe. Then In Studio a, Miss Angela says to Michelle to stay behind. Miss Angela says that she is kicking Michelle out of the next step.

In The Locker Room, Piper bumps into Michelle. Michelle says that she was kicked out of The Next Step Dance Studio. Piper says that Miss Kate needs to know about this and fast. Meanwhile, In Studio 1, Kate and Riley are doing paper work. Kate says that she is thinking about the studio and will be sharing to Riley. Then Lily enters and says “i thought my mother told you to leave.” Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption Former TNS Member) “I need to work out what is going on.”

In The Rehreasal Room, Cierra is dancing to Ahead Of our time. Cierra says (Talking Heads Caption says Former TNS West Dancer) “Being back At the studio is amazing and I cannot wait to re-join the studio.” Then Michelle enters. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Dance Captain) “I so glad to see Cierra it’s great to see a familiar face.” Cierra finishes. Cierra says “how are things.” Michelle says “things are not good, I am no longer part of A-Troupe or The Next Step.” Cierra says (Talking Heads Caption says Next Step Dancer) “that shouldn’t have happened.” Meanwhile in Studio A, A-Troupe is rehreasing, then Miss Angela announces that Lily is the new dance captain and that Winnie is now part of A-Troupe.

In Studio 1, Winnie is dancing to ‘Firecracker’. Winnie says that she has taken Michelle’s spot on A-Troupe. Then Finn enters and says that he is so glad to dance at the studio but Miss Angela shouldn’t have kicked Michelle out of the studio. Kenzie enters and says that Michelle should be back soon. In the Locker Room, Lily is putting her stuff away. Then Summer enters and says “things need to change with Michelle gone the next step is losing Nationals.”


  • The Opening Sequence has removed Heather, Ben, Zara and Lola and has added Kenzie, Henry, Summer and Finn.
  • Piper is no longer part of A-Troupe and now is part of B-Troupe.
  • Michelle has been kicked off A-Troupe and kicked out of The Next Step.
  • Lily is now Dance Captain Of A-Troupe.
  • Winnie has taken Michelle’s spot on A-Troupe.
  • Kate is leaving the next step.
  • Cierra is back, this marks her first appearance since East Meets West




  • Emmerly Tinglin as Kenzie
  • Kelly Fanson as Miss Angela
  • Katie Ortencio as Lily
  • Liam Mackie as Finn
  • Madi Langdon as Winnie
  • Sage Linder as Summer
  • Cierra Healey as Cierra