New Starts is the 1st episode of Season 5 also known as New Starts. This includes things from the Off Season.


Emily returns after the studio lost regionals.


In Studio A, A-Troupe is dancing. Alfie confesses that he wanted to win regionals but he tried his best but his best wasn’t enough. Richelle confesses that she was looking to going to nationals but she is ready to beat Gemini at regionals again. Cassie confesses that if they don’t win again the next step is doomed. Michelle confesses that She is looking forward to dancing to regionals even though they lost. Piper confesses that she is dancing to get the studio back to regionals. LaTroy confesses that he broke up with Amy to be with Sloane and Sloane confesses that she auditioning for Luther Brown. Skylar confesses that they are going to be a different start for Regionals. Noah confesses that Amanda has left the studio. They pose.

Intro - James and Riley, Piper and Alfie, Noah and Amanda, Sloane and LaTroy, Skylar And cassie, Amy and Richelle, Michelle and Henry.

Emily approaches Kate in her office and gives her hugs her. Emily confesses that it's always nice to come back to the studio and relive all the memories she's made. Kate asks Emily how business school was, to which Emily tells her that it was great, and she graduated at the top of her class but is glad to be done. Kate asks Emily if she has any plans, to which Emily tells her that she would like to do something she's really passionate about but that also applies what she has learned. Emily notices a spreadsheet on Kate's desk and asks her what it's for. According to Kate, the spreadsheet outlines some of the changes Kate wishes to make to expand the studio. At this, Emily excitedly assumes that she will be painting over the chicken wall, confusing Kate since she sees nothing wrong with it. Kate replies that she will be building an upscale, modern and classy studio on the east side of the building. Kate confesses that the studio was elevating since the victory at Internationals but the recent loss at Regionals has set them back a bit. Emily picks up the colour palette and picks her favourite shade for the studio, which Kate coincidentally picked as well. Kate confesses that the new studio is just going to be the beginning of the many changes to come and that the dancers will be very surprised but it's what needs to be done for the good of the studio.

In Neutral Grounds, Piper is Talking to Amy about what happened at Regionals. Amy confesses that she was so happy but now she is on a losing team which isn’t good. Piper leaves then Amy’s mother enters. Amy watches the Internationals finals, which she admits is hard to watch, although she does so to see who wins the competition. As she watches Gemini perform, Amy confesses that her mom is a former professional dancer who is sometimes too invested in her dance career. Amy's mom tells Amy that it's time for her to make her mark and that she cannot afford distractions. Knowing her mom is referring to LaTroy, Amy reminds her mom that she is over him and that they are now friends. Amy's mom is glad and decides that it is time for her to get more involved in Amy's training, which Amy is unhappy about. Gemini is crowned the winner of Internationals, thus replacing The Next Step as the best studio in the world. Amy confesses that The Next Step has a long road ahead of them if they want to get back to that level.

Daniel is running a ballet workshop in Studio A. Among the attendees is Noah and an unknown girl who stands across from him at the ballet barre. The two greet each other and introduce themselves to each other; the girl's name happens to be Jacquie. Noah confesses that since his break up with Amanda, Jacquie is the first girl he has been interested in. As the two move into their next position, their hands touch and the two apologise to each other. Hearing this, Daniel calls out Noah. Subsequently, Jacquie comments on Daniel's intensity and in defending him, Noah is asked by Daniel to perform three clean and perfect pirouettes. Although, after seeing Noah smile back at Jacquie, the amount of pirouettes is doubled. Noah ends up performing "ten" perfect pirouettes, impressing Jacquie. Daniel tells everybody to take five. Jacquie pulls Noah aside and compliments him, as well as tells him that she will be auditioning for A-Troupe and hopes they will be on the same team. Noah happily confesses that if they make it onto the same team, anything could happen.

Alfie is performing a dance routine in the Rehearsal Room. Alfie states he cannot stay at the Next Step because of what Riley did. Piper enters and says that they have another shot at regionals And she may have a little crush on Alfie. Alfie says that he has to consider his future and try to move on from what happened at regionals.

Later that day, In Studio A, Zara rehearses for A-Troupe auditions, as Jacquie watches. Zara confesses that she is on B-Troupe, but wants to be on A-Troupe. Jacquie begins dancing, confessing that Noah convinced her to come to the A-Troupe auditions and that she is glad that Zara is also rehearsing, so that she can scope out the competition. As Jacquie dances, Zara commends her performance but thinks she can match her, thinking that it would be fun if the two could dance together on A-Troupe. Jacquie confesses that Zara is a great girl and will be some tough competition. After Jacquie stops dancing, the two high-five and commend one another on their performances. They ask each other whether they are auditioning for A-Troupe, to which they reply that they are. Zara says that she is on B-Troupe, surprising Jacquie, since Zara is such a good dancer. Zara asserts that the A-Troupers are phenomenal and the two agree to get back to rehearsing. After they leave Michelle enters and starts rehearsing for A-Troupe.

In The Rehearsal Room, Sloane is dancing and is getting ready for her audition for Luther Brown. Then Cassie enters and confesses that the studio will not be the same without Sloane around but they are ready for anything. Cassie states that she is leaving the studio because her parents are moving and she will need six months off. Emily is in Neutral grounds talking to Daniel, michelle wonders what they are up too.


  • Amanda and Sloane have left A-Troupe.
  • Noah and Amanda have broke up
  • Emily and Daniel are Back
  • Gemini are now the Internationals champions
  • Zara is on B-Troupe.
  • Zara and Jacquie are going to be auditioning for A-Troupe.

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