No Good Deed is the 7th Episode of Season 5.


“Amy thinks about what she does next. Skylar Meets Cierra.”


Amy sits alone in Neutral Grounds. Heather approaches her and gives her a free drink, having noticed how down she looks. Amy confesses that it is hard to accept the fact that she is no longer dancing. Piper approaches Amy and, despite the shaky terms of their relationship, provides consolation to Amy for no longer being able to dance at The Next Step Dance Studio. Amy hands Piper a bag of her items that she found while cleaning out her locker, and Piper thanks her. Piper confesses that she knows Amy needs a friend at the moment. Piper tells Amy that she has a plan to get Amy to dance for Emily.

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Noah and Jacquie, Ben and Kingston, Amy and Ozzy, Zara And Josh, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Elliot, Amy, Richelle, Lola, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Piper, Zara, Ozzy, Kingston and Josh.

In Neurtal Grounds, Skylar is ordering a juice and then Cierra enters and hugs Skylar. Skylar confesses that she missed her and is glad that she’s back. Cierra says that she is back because miss Kate wants her to join B-Troupe. Skylar asks her what she has been doing over the past year. Cierra replies that she was looking for a new studio but never found one. Skylar confesses that she started TNS West and since Amy's Gone they need their 10th Dancer. Meanwhile In Studio 1, Piper tells Amy that they can convince Emily to make Amy an alternate, even though Emily doesn't want any. Realizing she has nothing to lose, Amy decides she will try. Even though she got in trouble for doing so before, Piper decides that she will teach Amy some of the choreography because she is her best friend.

In the locker room, Jacquie approaches Noah and tells him about her conversation with Henry. Noah has trouble believing that Henry is okay with them being together and leaves to sort things out, making Jacquie wonder if it is worth it. Meanwhile, Amy rehearses Daniel's choreography. As Piper and Amy run through the choreography, Emily and Daniel enter the studio. Emily asks Amy what she is doing there and confesses that she feels bad about her being pulled from the studio, but that she still isn't an A-Troupe dancer. Amy tells Emily about how important dance is to her and begs her for the chance to be on her team. Emily says that someone is going to be cut if Amy is good enough. They dance and Emily admits that Amy is just as good as Giselle and she hasn’t seen anyone get up to giselle’s standard.

Now alone in Studio 1, Amy performs a personal solo. As she finishes, Piper enters. Amy makes it seem as though she hasn't made it onto the team, but eventually admits the truth, exciting her and Piper alike. Amy asks Piper why she is there so early, and Piper admits that Emily would like to meet her in her office. Piper enters the office, where Emily and Daniel are. Piper excitedly comments about Amy being an alternate, although Emily assures her that Amy is a full-fledged member of the team. Piper realizes that there are 12 dancers, and one needs to be cut. Slowly, Piper discovers that she is the dancer being cut, meaning that Amy inadvertently took her spot. Emily and Daniel tell Piper that she is welcome to join B-Troupe. Tearfully, Piper runs out of the studio, confusing the onlooking Amy. Piper confesses that she worked so hard to be on the team and Amy, finally putting two and two together, confesses that she didn't want to make the troupe like this.

In Studio A, TNS West is Dancing and then leaves. Then Piper enters and confesses that she didn’t want this to happen and she really needed to be on A-Troupe. She starts dancing and amitts that she has never been cut from A-Troupe. Piper packs up the items in her locker. Amy enters and apologizes to her, even claiming that she will quit so Piper can be back on the troupe. Piper confesses that she knows Amy feels bad, but that there isn't anything she can do. Amy continues to assert that she will get Piper back onto the troupe, but Piper leaves, claiming that such isn't necessary. In Studio A, Piper speaks to Skylar and skylar says that piper is going to be their 11th Dancer. Then Yasmine says that she is quitting TNS West.


  • Amy is now a member of TNS East
  • Piper and Cierra are now members of TNS West.
  • TNS West only has 10 Dancers