One More Dancer is the 24th episode Of The Next Step:New Starts. It is the 4th Episode of The Off Season


”Shelby gets an offer that she cannot refuse. A New Dancers arrive at the studio.”


In The Theatre, Shelby is rehearsing for the group dance. Then Amy enters loving her dance. Amy stops Shelby in her tracks. Shelby says “what” Amy says “well, You have been offered a spot with Stacey Carpenter.” Shelby is shocked to hear that she got the spot and then she remembers she will have to leave A-Troupe.

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Jacquie and Noah, Summer and Finn, Kenzie and Charlie, Frazer and Kingston, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Kenzie, Michelle, Piper, Lola, Richelle, Finn, Charile, Summer, Jacquie, Frazer, Kingston And Noah.

Shelby opens her locker and begins to read the flyer that Amy gave her. After noticing Michelle approaching her, Shelby quickly shoves the flyer back into her locker. Michelle confronts Shelby about her spot on Stacey Carpenter team. Michelle says that she hopes Shelby has made the wrong choice by leaving A-Troupe. Michelle then says that she will have to stay away from the studio. which Shelby begrudgingly agrees to. Michelle leaves. Shelby says that Michelle shouldn’t have done that because she will return.

In The theatre, Kenzie, Winnie, Lily, Heathcliff and Davis start dancing. Heathcliff states that he is looking for to dancing at the gala. Winnie says that Miss Kate asked them to dance in the gala. In Studio H, Finn is dancing to story of my life. Finn states that he is nervous be part of A-Troupe and to be going to Nationals. Michelle enters in a mood. Michelle kindly asks Finn to leave. Michelle starts to dance. Michelle commences a solo during which she decides that she needs to leave from The Next Step, as she cannot deal with the drama between her and A-Troupe.

Later That week, In Studio A, A-Troupe is waiting for Michelle and Amanda. Amanda announces that Michelle has left the team for a little while. Piper confesses that Michelle was the best dancer that the studio has and will never be able to dance at this studio without Michelle. Piper announces that she is leaving too. Amanda heads to the Office and confesses that everything is falling apart. Kenzie enters and says that she will take Shelby’s Spot on A-Troupe.

In The Locker Room, Piper And Michelle are Packing up their things and Michelle confesses that she will be back. Then Lola enters and says that she need them on the team. Piper says that she will come back as long as Michelle does. Michelle takes the offer. Then Shelby enters. Michelle asks why she is here. Shelby says “well Michelle, you will pleased to know that I got your studio kicked out of Nationals.” Piper and Lola says “you did what.” Shelby says “well, I am captain of Gemini and I thought it was pay back time for what you did.” Amy is stood out side. Then Amy enters and says that she trusted her and she thought they could share anything. Shelby says that she has won. Amy says that this isn’t over. Michelle argees. Shelby leaves and confesses that she didn’t get the next step taken out of Nationals. Michelle phones the nationals board. They reply that they are going to nationals.

In Studio A, Kenzie is dancing to Flying. Kenzie says that she started dancing when she was 3 and has gone to internationals with Encore Dance Studios. Then Lola enters and asks Kenzie what studio she came from. Kenzie replies Encore Dance Studios.


  • Shelby is the Dance Captain Of Gemini
  • Kenzie took her spot on A-Troupe.
  • Michelle had left the studio but she came back to help her team to Nationals.