Regionals Coming is the 18th Episode Of season 5


Piper struggles with the five person routine. Richelle is told by Lola to tell someone about her injury.


Unable to get through to Richelle or reveal the truth to Skylar or Emily, but knowing that Richelle cannot dance with her hip injury, Lola enters the locker room, retrieves one of Richelle's pointe shoes from her locker and breaks its shank.

Intro - Michelle and Amy, Noah and Jacquie, Ben and Kingston, Piper and Ozzy, Zara And Heather, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Heather, Ben, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Amy, Ozzy, Richelle, Zara and Kingston.

Richelle angrily approaches Zara in Studio 1, sure that she broke her pointe shoe out of jealousy of Richelle getting her solo. Richelle ignores Zara's pleas of innocence and asserts that Zara will be through at The Next Step Dance Studio after she speaks to Emily. In Neutral Grounds, upon Amy noticing how happy Piper is, Piper reveals to her that she likes Josh. Although, Piper is unsure of whether or not he reciprocates her feelings and after Amy provides some advice, Piper hopes that she will be able to gauge them.

Richelle paces in Studio 1 with her broken shoe in hand, waiting for Emily. When Lola enters, Richelle immediately asserts how eager she is to tell Emily what Zara did to her shoe. Knowing Zara can't take the fall for what she did, Lola admits to Richelle that she is the one who broke her shoe. Shocked at Lola's betrayal, Richelle orders her out of the studio. Lola realizes that she might have just lost the best friend she's ever had, while Richelle is in disbelief that Lola could do such a thing to her.

At the ballet barre in Studio 1, Richelle rehearses her solo without pointe shoes on, which Daniel inquires about when he enters the studio. Richelle vaguely reveals that one of the shanks broke, worrying Daniel. Once he calms down, Daniel tells Richelle that he can show her how to fix it with duct tape. Just before he enters the office, he hears an audible snap as Richelle dances. Despite Richelle's affirmations that she is okay, Daniel, having been injured during a crucial time as well, knows that Richelle is injured.

Emily goes over Regionals with A-Troupe, seeing as it is so near. Eight teams will be competing at the competition. The first round is the solo round, which Richelle will compete in. Richelle’s victory would move the team forward to the quartet round, which Amy, Heather, Ben and Michelle will compete in. The quartet's victory would send the team straight the semi-finals, thus giving them more time to rehearse. However, if Richelle loses, the team must move to the trio round, which Lola, Richelle, and Michelle would compete in and would have to win to not be eliminated. After the trio round would be the duet round, which Richelle and Noah would compete in. Only after that would the team move to the semi-finals, where Lola, Kingston, Ben, Noah, and Piper, in replacement of josh, would compete. Piper is happy about getting the spot, but worries about having to fill Josh’s shoes. The finals would be the last round. Michelle reminds Emily that she hasn't decided the line-up for the final routine, and Riley reveals that Zara and Richelle will be the team's alternates. Richelle is left feeling terrible.

Later they are rehearsing the routine, Piper is struggling with the choreography and she says that she should be replaced. Noah notices that Piper is struggling and says that he is going to change her part of the choreography. Piper performs her part and it looks better since it Up to style.

In Studio 1, Jacquie, Lola and Michelle rehearse their trio since Lola told Emily about Richelle ‘s injury. Richelle is sat in Neutral Grounds think about what she does after regionals either she stays or she goes. Emily and Skylar leads the team into Studio A, where Riley, James and his band are, in preparation to send off the team. The band begins their performance of their song, which everyone dances to. Richelle confesses that she is ready for anything.


  • Zara and Richelle are alternates for regionals.
  • Emily and Daniel know about Richelle’s Injury.