Right Here, Right Now is the 27th episode of The Next Step:New Starts. It is the 7th episode of the Off Season


“Richelle gets an New start at the next Step.”


In Studio 1, Anglea is packing up her stuff. Anglea confesses that she is no longer Studio Head Of The next Step. Lily enters and says sorry to Anglea about what she said at the auditions. Meanwhile, In Studio 2, Heather is dancing to Faith. She says to the camera “you may be wondering where I have been. Well I have been working for Stacey Carpenter on a tour programme for Dancers that need a second Chance.”

Intro - Richelle, Michelle and Piper, Finn and Summer, Davis and Joe, Jacquie and Noah, Frazer and Kingston, Lola and Kenzie. Endpose is Joe, Kenzie, Kingston, Davis, Noah, Jacquie, Richelle, Summer, Lola, Piper, Finn, Michelle and Frazer.

In Studio A, A-Troupe is waiting for Anglea. Then Richelle enter and announces that she is the new studio head. Lola says that she happy for Richelle but it will feel different with Richelle as the studio Head. Noah says that if this who the new studio head is we are in trouble.

Alfie is performing a recreational solo to "I Wanna See You Work" to remain sharp and precise, when Michelle enters and watches his routine. She is blown away by the intensity he portrays in his dancing. Seeing this, Michelle asks him if he could teach her a couple of moves to which Alfie agrees. Alfie says that being back is amazing and he wants a spot on A-Troupe. Michelle is in first arabesque before Alfie who notices that despite her decent physicality, something is still wrong. Alfie asks her what she is thinking about and Michelle admits that she is thinking about how her foot hurts and how there is sweat dripping down her back, but upon further prodding, admits that she likes this guy from Lost & Found, but is unsure of his feelings toward her. Alfie finally lets Michelle get out of position, but tells her that everybody has problems although they all have to be left behind when she dances. As Michelle gets into position once more, Alfie confesses that he isn't sure if Michelle is ready for the next task. Michelle starts dancing to Showstoppa. Michelle confesses that Alfie has helped her a lot and she will not let him leave again.

Later In Studio A, A-Troupe is dancing for Mister and Miss Nationals Soloists. Davis confesses that she needs this solo. Lola confesses that she wants the solo but she says I think it’s time for her to step down from Dance Captain. Noah confesses that A-Troupe means the world to him and he wants to be the Mister National title and represent the next step. Richelle says that Michelle and Summer will face off And Noah and Finn will face off as well.

In Studio 1, The dance-off is about to take place. Summer, thinking that the situation between herself and Michelle is resolved, wishes Michelle good luck; Michelle tells her that she is going to destroy her, shocking Summer. Michelle performs her solo. Then Summer goes and says “If I'm gonna stay at the Studio, things have to change” She finishes her solo. Richelle says that Summer will be the best option for the title. Michelle says “I Wanted this solo more than ever since I am no longer dance captain.” Lola says “I need to tell A-Troupe about my decision.” Lola says “can I get everyone’s attention?” Richelle says “yeah, why.” Lola says that she has decided to step down from Dance Captain. Piper cannot believe that Lola has stepped down. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Dance Captain) “this is not good that we have lost our Captain”


  • Alfie has returned to The Next Step Dance Studio
  • Lola has stepped down from captain.
  • Richelle is the new studio head.