“Changes” is the 9th Episode of Season 8.


Michelle and Emily decides the dancer to compete at the convention. Meanwhile, Elliot and Joe have a battle over Piper.”


In Studio A, Noah is dancing to Oxygen for Emily and Michelle. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Studio Head) “Noah is an amazing Dancer and he would be a good Soloist for the convention.” Noah says (Talking Heads Caption says New Co-Dance Captain) “recently, Me, Richelle and Piper have decided that we need a trio of dance captains. This will affect the team but it will be a good thing in the long run. Also me and Jacquie got up since we‘re on the same paths.” Then Kingston and Joe enter and see Noah performing an outstanding solo. Kingston says (Talking Heads Caption says Hip-Hop Dancer) “Noah is an amazing Dancer and I would What this solo is about.” Joe asks Emily “what is Noah doing?” Emily says “well, He will represent us at the convention with Piper and Richelle.” Noah says (Talking Heads) “this is going to cause trouble.” Piper enters as says to Joe “Noah is an amazing Dancer.” Joe says “really?” Piper says ”yeah, I need to talk to you.”

Intro - Emily and MichelleJacquie And NoahPriya And  JonesSummer And JoePiper And HelenRobbie And DavisHeather And SkyeKingston And  ElliotRichelle And Lola. Endpose is Summer, Helen, Kingston, Elliot, Davis, Joe, Robbie, Jacquie, Emily, Michelle, Heather, Noah, Priya, Jones, Piper, Richelle, Skye And Lola.

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Stephanie enters Studio 1, She Starts Dancing to Hanging Hats. Stephanie says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Next Step Dancer) “It is also good to come back to the Next Step since it is where I grew up. Dancing in this new studio is amazing, I have missed dance but I have been part of 3 films and 2 tv programmes. The first tv program I was a part of was a dance one which was amazing.” Then Emily enters. Emily says (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Studio Head) “It is great to see Stephanie again and her dancing in Studio 1.” Stephanie finishes dancing. Stephanie says “Emily?!” Emily says “that was amazing But not being rude what are you doing here?” Stephanie says “well, I come to see Heather about a job.” Emily says “what job?” Stephanie says “maybe, B-Troupe teacher or j-troupe teacher.” Emily says “okay, see you later”

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Piper Meets Joe In Shakes And Ladders, Piper says to Joe “Joe, Elliot said he likes me.” Joe says “what?!” Piper says “yeah.” Joe says (Talking Heads Caption says Piper‘s Boyfriend) “I need to go and speak to Elliot about this.” Joe leaves. Then Amy enters. Piper says “Amy, how are you?” Amy says “I am good. I am greeting very stressed out.” Piper says “Oh” Amy says “yeah, there’s somemuch to remember.”

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In Studio A, Richelle is Dancing a point solo to Can’t Let Go. Richelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Ballet Dancer) “I am dancing alone since it has been Rehearsal after rehearsal. It‘s nice to dance alone with out anyone being around.“ Then Robbie enters and says (Talking Heads Caption says Acro Dancer) “Richelle is an amazing Dancer But davis is better I wonder if Richelle knows where she is..” Richelle finishes dancing. Richelle says “can I help you?” Robbie says “yes. Do you know where davis is?” Richelle says “she’s with Jacquie on a trip she will be back later this week.” Robbie says “okay” and leaves.

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Elliot Heads to Studio A but is met by Joe. Joe says “Elliot!” Elliot says “yes, Joe?” Joe says ”what do you think your doing?” Elliot says “I Don‘t know what your on about.” Joe says “I think you do? Saying you like piper.” Elliot says “oh, that.” Joe says “yes that. (Talking Heads) Elliot has messed with the wrong person.” Elliot says (Talking Heads Caption says Ballet Dancer) “I like piper so what. (Back to the corridor) Okay, Dance battle in Studio A later on.” Joe says “okay.” Elliot says “who wins gets to date Piper.” Joe says “okay, you’ve got a deal.”

Later On Joe And Elliot have the battle. Plastic Love starts playing. Elliot goes first and does a load of spins than Joe does a flip. Joe says (Talking Heads Caption says Acro Dancer) “Elliot has Techinc but I have skills that he cannot do.” Elliot says (Talking Heads) “I am a Former broadway dancer) “Joe thinks he is winning well, he needs to think again.” Elliot backs Joe to the cubies. Joe says (Talking Heads) “looks like i will have to break up with Piper.”


  • Noah, Richelle And Piper are co-captains.
  • Noah and Jacquie have got back together.
  • Elliot won the dance battle meaning Joe will have to break up with Piper.
  • Robbie likes Davis.