“Elliot Becomes Dance Captain“ is the 1st Of Season 8/Mini episodes.


”Piper leaves A-Troupe. Michelle needs to find a New Captain.“


Piper is dancing to Falling Apart in Studio A. Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “I have decided to leave A-Troupe And this means that Richelle and Noah will no longer be captains.” Noah and Richelle enter and Noah says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Dance Captain) “I‘m Sad to see piper go. But it needs to happen.” Richelle says (Talking Heads captoon says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Dance Captain) “I am feel for Piper. This just means that we will have 11 dancers for Regionals.”

Later That Day, Elliot is Dancing to Saviour. Elliot says (Talking Heads Caption says Ballet Dancer) “now that Piper’s gone. I can become Dance Captain. This is what I wanted this how time.” Then Michelle enters and says (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Studio Head) “When I see Elliot Dance. I feel phis connection to the music amd he would be the perfect fit for Dance Captain.” Elliot finishes dancing. Michelle says “that was amazing. You know that Piper’s gone which means we are looking for a new dance captain. I would you feel about taking it.” Elliot says “I loved too.” Michelle says “okay I announce later on.“ Elliot says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Captain) “finally I‘m Dance Captain no more Piper, Richelle and Noah telling what to do. I‘m in charge now.”


  • This is the 1st episode of the mini Season 8 episodes.
  • Piper has left A-Troupe thus taking the co-captaincy away with her
  • Elliot is the new dance captain.