"Falling Behind" is The 14th episode of Season 8. This episode is the 4th episode of Season 8.5.


"Lucy and Joe think about what has happened. Robbie, Noah and Richelle work on the duet."


In Studio 1, Piper starts dancing to Lose Control. Piper says (Talking Heads caption says Contemporary Dancer) "Being at the Next Step has been amazing. I need to think about my future." Then Finn enters and says "Piper?!" Piper says "Yes, Finn." Finn says (Talking Heads caption says Hip-Hop Dancer) "I really like Piper but I don't know how to tell her."

Opening Sequence - Michelle and Emily, Jacquie and Noah, Lucy And Joe, Piper And Jones, Summer And Robbie, Ozzy and Kingston, Richelle and Davis. Endpose is Jones, Lucy, Summer, Joe, Robbie, Piper, Michelle, Emily, Noah, Jacquie, Richelle, Kingston, Ozzy And Davis.

In The Locker Room, Joe and Lucy are putting their things away. Lucy says "Joe are you okay about being the alternate." Joe says "not really." Lucy says "Do you want to dance together after rehearsal." Joe says "I would love too." Meanwhile In Studio 1, Richelle and Noah are rehearsing the duet with Robbie watching. Robbie says (Talking Heads caption says Dance Captain) "As dance captain have to help the dancers work on the routines." Richelle says (Talking Heads caption says Ballet Dancer) "Dancing with Noah is amazing. After Piper and Joe split up Michelle and Emily made me and noah the duet for the ballet round."

In Studio A, Piper, Summer, Ozzy, Kingston, Joe, Jones, Lucy, Davis and Jacquie are waiting for Noah and Robbie since Robbie is choosing the Acro/Hip-Hop and Contemporary dances. Robbie and Noah enter. Robbie says "The Dancers in the hip-Hop Routine we have Jacquie, Summer, myself, Davis, Joe and Jones." Piper says "who's in the contemporary dance?" Robbie says "I will auditioned you later on." Richelle enters and says "who is the trio?" Robbie says "you, jacquie and Summer." Richelle says "Okay." They all leave.

In Studio A, Priya is dancing to Can't Stop Me Now. Priya says (Talking Heads caption says Contemporary Dancer) "Things have been changing a lot. I am no longer on the regionals team but not going to regionals. I am on A-Troupe, but I feel it not the same studio I knew. Things need to change.” Michelle and Emily enters and Emily says (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Studio Head) “Priya is an amazing dancer but i wonder why she’s in studio A. Studio A is for the dancers going to Regionals.” Priya says “I am leaving A-Troupe.” Michelle says “no one quits A-Troupe.” Priya says “I have decided to start my own troupe in Studio 3. TNS East.” Emily says “Heather will never allow this.” Heather enters and says “I haven’t agreed to It.” Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says co-studio Head) “last time we had two Studios the studio fell apart.” Priya says (Talking Heads) “looks like I am leaving The Next Step.”

In Studio 1, Jacquie, Richelle and Summer are working on the Trio. Summer says (Talking Heads caption says Lyrical Dancer) “this Dance is For if the teams tie or if they think the routine isn’t up to standard.” Richelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Ballet Dancer) “at any point the Regionals broad could come in and watch It.” Jacquie says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “so we have come up with amazing choregraphy.” Then Cassie enters. Cassie says (Talking Heads Caption says Jazz Dancer) “I don’t Know theses dancers but they look incredible.” Richelle says “Cassie!” Cassie says “Richelle?! What are you still doing here.” Richelle says “I am on A-Troupe.” Cassie says “wow. (Talking Heads) Last time I went to regionals we lost. So I glad to see Richelle still here.“ Richelle says (Talking Heads) “A-Troupe has a full team and due to Helen And Priya’s leave we have 12 dancers. We don’t know if Lola is going to come back.” Richelle leaves to head to studio A.

In Studio A, Richelle is Dancing to Berceuse. Emily, Noah and Michelle are watching Richelle dance. Richelle says (Talking Heads) “Me and Noah are doing the ballet round. I decided to show them my opinion when I Dance.” Noah says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “A-Troupe needs a strong duet since this will helps us to win regionals.” Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Studio Head) “Richelle is an amazing Dancer. No wonder she was a great dance captain.” Emily says (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Studio Head) “I have invited a old friend, Chloe, to help choreograph the duet.” Chloe enters and says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Next Step Dancer) “I am so glad to be back. I will help the next step win Regionals.”


  • Priya And Helen have left A-Troupe.
  • This is the first time that an actor has played two characters within the same episode.
  • Cassie has returned to the studio.
  • Hip-Hop/Acro Routine will be Jacquie, Summer, myself, Davis, Joe and Jones.
  • This marks the last episode of Priya.
  • Chloe has returned to choreograph the Ballet Duet.