Noah’s Dance is the second episode of the Mini Season. It is a deleted scene from Do What I Want


“Noah dances about what he has been through.”


Noah enters Studio A and starts dancing to Empire Part 2. Noah says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “Things have changed a lot. I remember when I was moved up into A-Troupe to Compete for a spot on the Internationals Team. I made it. I was also became Dance Captain Of Gemini. Things are changing so much and now My brothers are here. We are over throughing Elliot.” Richelle enters and says (Talking Heads Caption says Ballet Dancer) “A-Troupe needs a dancer like piper on the team. Lola, Noah, Piper, Jacquie, robbie, Jones amd my self have been working hard on the new regionals routine for regionals. We are working hard on the routine and it would be nice to see Emily and Michelle’s Face when we perform it.” Noah dances And things from his past appear like when he made it onto A-Troupe and all the drama. Noah says (Talking Heads) “this is my home and nothing is going to stop My Younger Brother, robbie, from leading us to regionals.” Richelle says (Talking Heads) “look out Elliot, we Coming for you and nothing is going to change our minds.”


  • Noah’s Dance marks the second time to have flash backs.
  • Richelle, Noah, Lola, Robbie, Jones, Piper And Jacquie are working on a routine to overthrow Elliot.


  • While Noah is dancing, a series of scenes from previous episodes are shown:
    • Noah singing "Wish You Well" for A-Troupe from "I'm So Excited".
    • Noah and Richelle dancing to "Play the Game" from "Today I'm Getting Over You".
    • Noah and Richelle dancing together in "Game, Set, and Match".
    • Richelle and Piper hugging Noah from "Dancing with Myself".
    • A-Troupe welcoming Noah back from "All the Marbles".
    • Miss Kate offering Noah a spot on A-Troupe from "Game, Set, and Match".
    • Noah trying and failing to perform tricks from "Never There".
    • Noah and Piper dancing their trio auditioning for the Regionals qualifier from "Square One".
    • Richelle and Noah talking from "Today I'm Getting Over You".
    • Richelle watching Noah trying tricks from "Square Dance".
    • Noah encouraging Ozzy from "This Changes Everything".
    • Noah telling Piper to change Daniel's choreography from "Go West, Young Michelle".
    • Noah announcing that he will be joining TNS West from "United and Divided".
    • Noah successfully getting the 5-40 Straight Leg from "Square Dance".
    • Noah dancing his duet with Eldon from "Cry Me a River".
    • Eldon telling Noah that he underestimated him from "Cry Me a River".
    • Noah dancing in the blindfolded routine at Internationals from "Blind".
    • Noah and Jacquie kissing from "TNS: Civil War".
    • Henry telling Noah that they are no longer friends from "Leon Me".
    • Richelle asking Noah if they had a problem why didn't he go to her and them dancing their duet to "Believe" from "It's All Fun and Games...".
    • Noah and Richelle dancing to "Bicicletta" at Regionals from "Livin' on a Prayer".
    • Noah and Henry discussing The Next Step losing Regionals from "A Change Is Gonna Come".
    • Emily scolding Noah about changing Daniel's choreography from "Go West, Young Michelle".
    • Noah and Jacquie holding hands from "Brave New World".
    • Henry apologizing to Noah from "United and Divided".
    • Noah telling the team that they are going to Regionals from "Pointe of No Return".
    • Noah in Talking Heads introducing himself from "I Hope I Get It".