”The Flash Or No Flash“ is the 5th Episode Of season 8.


”Two new dancers, Lucy and Issac, join B-Troupe. Elliot replaces an A-Trouper.”


In Studio A, Ozzy is saying good bye to studio A. Ozzy says (Talking Heads Caption says Hip-Hop Dancer) "Elliot has taken my spot and now I'm back on B-Troupe." Then Elliot says (Talking Heads Caption says A-Troupe Dancer) "I am glad that Emily and Michelle replaced Ozzy with me."

Intro - Emily And Michelle, Jacquie And Noah, Priya and Jones, Summer And Joe, Piper And Helen, Robbie And Davis, Heather and Skye, Kingston and Elliot, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Summer, Helen, Kingston, Elliot, Davis, Joe, Robbie, Jacquie, Emily, Michelle, Heather, Noah, Priya, Jones, Piper, Richelle, Skye And Lola.

In Studio A, Michelle is dancing to Home. Michelle says (Talking Heads caption says Co-Studio Head) "I am so Glad that me and Emily are co-studio Heads. It has been a long road to get here." Then Piper enters and says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “Michelle is an amazing dancer. She is an amazing studio head.” Meanwhile in Studio 1, Winnie and Heath enter. Heath says (Talking Heads Caption says Winnie’s School Of Dance Choreographer) “me and Winnie decided to rent studio 1 but Heather didn’t let us.” They start dancing to Oxygen. Jacquie enters. Jacquie says “what are you doing here?” Winnie says “we just leaving.” Jacquie says (Talking Heads Caption says Next Step Choreographer) “that was weird.”

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In Shakes And Ladders, Piper Meets Amy. Amy says “Piper how are you?” Piper says “I‘m good, what have you been doing since Gemini was shut down.” Amy says “nothing (Talking Heads Caption says Former Next Step Dancer) Since Miss Angela shut gemini I haven’t looked for a new studio.” Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Next Step Dancer) “I feel bad for Amy now that she’s no longer part of a studio.” Piper says to Amy “do you want to go dance in studio 1.” Amy says “yes.”

Riley max never there

Lucy And Issac do a lift during the B-Troupe routine.

In Studio A, B-Troupe is dancing. Lucy says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “hi, I‘m Lucy I started dancing at the age of five since my friends start doing it.” Issac says (Talking Heads Caption says Acro Dancer) “I started dancing because my brother, max started dancing.” Finn says (Talking Heads Caption says hip-hop dancer) “After Miss Angela shut Gemini I re joined B-Troupe.” Ozzy says (Talking Heads Caption says Hip-Hop Dancer) “It definitely feels weird being back on B-Troupe but this is where I belong.”
Piper amy season 5 dlah

Amy and Piper Dance to Top Of The World

In Studio 1, Amy and Piper are dancing to Top Of The World. Amy says (Talking Heads Caption says Acro Dancer) “Dancing in the studio brings back so many amazing memories. I remember when I first walked into the studio and I meet Cassie And Richelle. Then when I made it onto A-Troupe I meet piper. She is an amazing dancer.” Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “Amy is an amazing Dancer, she needs to join a studio and fast.” White Wall - Emily And Michelle dancing together.

Emily michelle heathers

Emily and Michelle talk to each other about an email from Regionals.

In Studio 1‘s Office, Emily is doing work for B-Troupe. Then Michelle enters and says “Emily, did you see the email from the Regionals broad.” Emily says “Yes. (Talking Heads Caption says Co-Studio Head) The email says that we need to select a leader. Declare your captain.” Michelle says “who are we going to chose.” Emily says “I don’t know.” Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Dance Captain) “We need to find our captain and fast. Otherwise we are not winning Regionals.”


  • The Opening Sequence has removed Angela, Amy, Josh, Adam, Frazer, Luke, William, Ethan, Tristan, Charlie And Ozzy and has added Heather and Emily.
  • B-Troupe contains Lucy, Finn, Issac And Ozzy
  • Elliot is now on A-Troupe.
  • Ozzy is no longer part of A-Troupe.
  • Winnie and Heath wanted to rent Studio 1, but gets rejected by Heather.
  • Amy no longer has a studio.
  • A requirement for Regionals is to have a dance captain.