Stand Together or Fall Apart is the 14th Episode of Season 5.


Piper and Amy rally the troupes.


Noah dances in Studio A, still in disbelief at Kate's decision to disallow either team from competing at Regionalsas well as the fact that the teams cannot speak to each other. As he dances, Piper and Amy enter the studio, eager to explain their idea of the merging TNS West and TNS East. They are both sure that if Noah agrees to join the merge, others will too. Noah summarizes their explained plan as going behind Skylar and Emily's back to choreograph a secret dance that has a slim chance of changing Miss Kate's mind and, if it fails, will get everyone kicked out of The Next Step forever. Amy and Piper stare worriedly at Noah, realizing the possible ramifications of their plan. Noah nonetheless agrees to go along with the plan and the three embrace.

Intro - Michelle and Amy, Noah and Jacquie, Ben and Kingston, Piper and Ozzy, Zara And Heather, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Heather, Ben, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Amy, Ozzy, Richelle, Zara and Kingston.

Amy and Piper, and Noah simultaneously attempt to recruit dancers. As Piper and Amy approach Heather in Neutral Grounds, Noah approaches Jacquie in the locker room. While all of the subsequent dancers approached are receptive to the merge, Jacquie is wary of the idea since the teams don't get along.

Josh dances in Studio 1, excited about the possible merge. To Josh's shock, Adam enters the studio and tells Josh that he made it onto the Springfield Coyotes. Josh is initially elated for him, until he realizes that the entire family will have to move up north to support Adam's hockey endeavours. Josh is frustrated that he will have to leave the studio just after arriving. Meanwhile, in Studio A, Lola teaches Kingston about partnering in ballroom dance. Kingston struggles immensely and grows frustrated. Believing that Lola is only showing him how bad he is and that he is the studio's worst dancer, Kingston leaves.

Kingston and Lola dance and hoverboard together, both feeling feeling ready for the upcoming merge. Josh is sat in Neutral Grounds. Then Josh‘s brother, Adam, says that he is leaving the country and this means Josh is leaving. Heather offers josh a room.

Josh tells Heather that his parents rejected the idea of him staying with Heather, but reasserts that he will be staying until he is forced to leave. Josh then says that he Beening pulled from the studio. The end of the day has come and Jacquie awaits Alex in Studio A. Alex enters, admitting that he feels only pity for the dancers still at the studio as opposed to nostalgia, and that leaving was the best decision he could have made. As she awaits Jacquie's decision, Amy, Piper, Ben, Richelle, Ozzy, Noah, Zara, Michelle, Kingston, Lola and Heather enter the studio, the merge officially set in motion. Seeing this, Jacquie decides that she will stay at the studio.

Ozzy coaxes skylar into Emily's office in Studio 1, claiming Emily has badly injured her ankle and needs to be taken to hospital. Although, once Skylar enters, Ozzy locks Emily and Skylar into Emily’s office and returns to Studio A with the key. Emily, with a perfectly uninjured ankle, and Skylar call for Ozzy to return.

The newly merged A-Troupe prepares to rehearse their routine in Studio A, with Piper and Richelle leading. Amyis not present as, unbeknowst to her peers, she is auditioning for Gemini Dance Studio per her mom's request. Fed up with having to wait for her, the team decides to start the routine without her. Emily and Skylar bicker with each other, eventually leading the former to divide the room in half with blue sticky tape.

As they are trying to work the routine out, Ozzy suggests an idea, but nobody takes it seriously. The dancers discuss whether to cut Amy out of the routine due to her continued absence, as they don't have much time left. Just then, Amy enters the studio and assumes her position. Piper is curious as to where her friend was, but Amy lies that she had food poisoning but is now feeling better.

Feeling discouraged, Ozzy retreats to the locker room. Noah consoles him and reminisces upon his struggle on A-Troupe after just entering from J-Troupe. Feeling better, Ozzy returns to the rehearsal. Amy Heads to her audition at Gemini.


  • Amy, Piper, Ben, Richelle, Ozzy, Noah, Jacquie, Zara, Michelle, Kingston, Lola and Heather is on A-Troupe
  • Josh has been pulled from the Next Step Dance Studio.
  • Emma And tyler are no longer part of A-Troupe
  • Alex is dance captain of Gemini.
  • The Opening Sequence has removed Henry, Tyler, Elliot and Josh.