Stand Up is the 28th Episode of The Next Step:New Starts. It is the 8th Episode and last episode of the Off Season.


“A-Troupe competes at the competition. Richelle ends up dancing the trio.“


Riley, Alfie, Michelle, Amanda, Noah, Richelle and Piper enter the venue of the qualifier. The dancers are extremely excited and can't wait to perform, although Noah confesses that his back is still in pain but that he's not going to tell anyone so that they don't worry. Riley confesses that because The Next Step won Internationals, winning a qualifier for Regionals should be a piece of cake, but expresses her worry nonetheless. The team puts their hands together and lifts them in unison.

Michelle and Amanda speak of how amazing Gemini's routine was when Amanda decides to go say hi to Noah. Amanda sneaks up on Noah, which causes him to jump, and wishes him good luck despite wanting to tell him of her true feelings for him. The two hug before Amanda leaves. Noah confesses that whenever he is feeling down, Amanda is always there for him. Thus, Noah forgets about his back and feels amazing.

Amy begrudgingly reveals her competition horror story: when she was performing her solo at a dance competition, her pants split right down the middle while she performed the splits (she confesses that the worst part was that she was wearing her day of the week underwear for the wrong day); not wanting anybody to see the rip, Amy performed the rest of the solo with her legs together, even during the acro sections. She reenacts her movements and soon enough all three are dancing "without legs".

The Next Step is called to the stage. As Piper, Richelle, and Noah prepare to dance, Noah confesses that he isn't going to let Amanda down. The routine commences extremely well until Noah lifts Richelle. Noah's back begins to hurt once again and he struggles exponentially until he can barely lift the girls even a few inches off of the ground nor support them. Amanda immediately realizes that something is wrong with him. The trio ends disastrously, with Noah almost dropping Piper and Richelle. Riley immediately blames herself for the failed routine, and Richelle and Piper look on at Noah in stages of anger and disbelief. The trio scores 86 points, putting them in third place. Noah rushes past Alfie and Riley and out of the performance area, hoping that he didn't cost the team's chance at Regionals.

Rhythm Plus is on the stage, performing extremely well, much to The Next Step's chagrin. Richelle expresses her rage and claims that there is no way that they will stay in the top four and, although Alfie tries to remain confident, Riley knows that Richelle is right. Rhythm Plus finishes and scores 92 points, putting them in third place and pushing The Next Step down to fourth. Amanda leaves to find Noah, and once she does, asks him if he is okay. Noah immediately asks what place they are in, and Amanda reveals that they are in fourth much to Noah's chagrin. Amanda asks Noah if there is anything that she can do, but Noah tells her that he wants to be alone. Amanda hurriedly leaves, wishing that Noah knew how much she cared about it

The Next Step is still holding on to fourth place. Dance Extreme performs before them as the twins from Gemini approach The Next Step and begins mocking them. When the trio finishes, Richelle confesses that it doesn't look as though they are making it. Simultaneously, Henry runs into Studio A with balloons for the party. Back at the venue, Dance Extreme scores 94 points, effectively putting them in second place, and bumping The Next Step down to fifth. In Studio A, Amy receives a text from Piper stating the news, and she tells Henry and Sloane that they didn't qualify. The three dancers are shocked and wonder where they go from there. Back at the venue, Riley confesses that she has never been more disappointed in the team nor herself and doesn't know if they can ever come back from the loss.

Needing to figure some stuff out, Riley enters the rehearsal room. Upon entering, Riley stands before a mirror and contemplates upon how the team was counting on her and she failed them. She begins dancing during which she has flashbacks of the moments leading up to and soon after her becoming studio head. Riley confesses that she can't believe they lost the qualifier and asserts that Kate never lost a competition. After concluding her solo, Riley confesses that she has no idea where the team goes from there.