TNS: Civil War is the 13th Episode of Season 5.


”Miss Kate makes a shocking decision that will affect the future of TNS East and TNS West.“


Noah and Ozzy frantically search for Skylar and present her with Elliot‘s credit card when they find her, pointing out the fact that Elliot’s first name is William and his middle name is Elliot. Noah informs Skylar that "William" is a former Broadway dancer. Skylar confesses that professional dancers are disallowed from being on competitive teams, meaning that Emily's win at the battle doesn't count. Skylar confesses that this changes everything.

Intro - Michelle and Amy, Noah and Jacquie, Ben and Kingston, Piper and Ozzy, Zara And Josh, Elliot and Henry, Heather and Tyler, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Josh, Heather, Elliot, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Henry, Michelle, Amy, Ozzy, Richelle, Tyler, Ben, Zara and Kingston.

TNS East rehearses at the ballet barres in Studio 1. Both Emily and Richelle commend Elliot’s performance, the latter admitting that he is almost as good as her. Elliot confesses that the troupe is mediocre, except for Richelle, who is nearly as good as him. Just then, Skylar enters and tells Emily that Elliot has got the whole team disqualified. In Emily's office, Skylar informs Emily that Elliot is a paid Broadway dancer, even showing her a brochure for the production of Don Quixote, in which he starred. Upon Emily's questioning, Ethan claims that he has always wanted to be on a team that stands for excellence among other traits, but Skylar retorts that he is actually there to better his reputation after being kicked off six Broadway productions due to his behavioural issues. Emily realizes that Elliot was using them and, despite Elliot’s rebuke, kicks him off the team. In light of the situation, Emily orders that Noah be a part of her troupe once more, which skylar refuses. An argument ensues, with both parties professing that their troupe will be going to Regionals.

Emily is leading her dancers in a stretch when Skylar and her team enters and stage a sit-in. Unlike their peers, Kingston and Lola are conversing about Lola's new hoverboard in Neutral Grounds, although the texts the two receive beckoning them to Studio 1 cause them to leave. As the dancers fight and Skylar and Emily argue, Lola and Kingston enter the studio. Moments later, Kate also enters. Skylar and Emily immediately try to convince her of their respective teams going to Regionals amidst the dancers' fighting and arguing. Disappointed with the behaviour of both troupes, Kate decides that neither team will be going to Regionals, effectively silencing everyone.

Kate lambastes Emily and Skylar for alerting her of an alleged emergency, only for her to witness the fighting that took place moments before. Kate claims that the dancers have forgotten the reason that they dance in the first place and need to find it; in the meantime, the studio will not be competing for the entire dance season. The dancers are left in shock, with Amy wondering how she will break the news to her mom. Michelle says that she cannot believe that Skylar and Emily got them into this mess.

Amy falls to the floor of Studio A in defeat. Piper approaches her and tries to cheer her up, but it proves not to work. The two are left realizing that they are doomed. Ozzy and Heather approach Lola in Neutral Grounds and lament about their situation. The three note Kingston's cheeriness and he professes that he is going to continue practicing dance, as that is why they are all there. Lola finds a new found respect for Kingston's wish to improve himself, which is begrudgingly resounded by the other two. In Neutral Grounds, Michelle Meets Emily and Emily says that she is not looking forward to not dancing at regionals.

Kingston, Ozzy, and Lola practice in Studio A, Emily and Skylar are arguing, with none of their dances speaking to each other or crossing the boundaries, to which Skylar whole heartedly agrees. Piper is left in shock, believing that the two are taking things way too far. Emily rushes out of Skylar office, both content that they never have to see each other again. Piper looks on at Kingston, Ozzy, and Lola dancing together and decides that it is up to her to find a way to get them to Regionals.  

Michelle dances in Studio A, still in disbelief that the studio isn't competing at Regionals for the first year ever. In Skylar’s office, Skylar admits that her fault that noone is going to regionals. Meanwhile in Studio 1, Emily sadly examines a picture of a previous A-Troupe and one of the studio's previously won trophies, thinking about what could have been. Michelle continues to dance and finishes with the realization that the studio has nothing. Piper secretly meets Amy in Neutral Grounds and tells her about her plan to unite TNS East and TNS West and show Kate that they deserve to go to Regionals. 


  • Noone is going to regionals.
  • Elliot has been kicked out of The Next Step Dance Studio.

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