Trio Competition is the 6th Episode of Season 5


Amy gets pulled from the studio. TNS East gets their trio.


In Studio A, Michelle is dancing to Home. Michelle remembers when TNS East and West were just A-Troupe. Then Skylar looks out and sees Michelle and she leaves the office. Skylar confesses that Michelle is the best dancer at the studio. Then Emily enters and speaks to Skylar. Emily says to her does she remember when we were a team. Skylar says that her team is competing at the qualifier.

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Noah and Jacquie, Elliot and Kingston, Amy and Ozzy, Zara And Josh, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Elliot, Amy, Richelle, Lola, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Piper, Zara, Ozzy, Kingston and Josh.

Emily tells the members of TNS East that they will be entering their first competition which is the qualifier. Emily reveals that the dance will be a trio Competition. Emily reveals that the dancers dancing are Michelle, Kingston and Lola. Meanwhile in Studio A, Amy, Ozzy and Henry are rehearsing their trio. Then Skylar comes in and announces that they will be beating TNS East and she needs help choreographing the routine. Skylar welcomes Chloe, Giselle and Riley to teach them the choreography for the qualifier.

In Neurtal Grounds, Piper and Amy are talking about the battle between TNS east and West. Amy confesses that she isn’t looking forward to completing against piper’s troupe. Then Piper says that she is looking forward to taking down TNS West and not Amy. Meanwhile, Emily starts reading the rules for regionals it says that only one team can attend regionals and they need 12 dancers for regionals. Emily confesses that she needs to audition two new dancers.

In The rehearsal room, Heather is dancing to Believe. Heather says that she has decided that she wants to audition for A-Troupe but it’s not going to be easy. Then Piper enters and suggests that heather is a really good dancer. Heather tells piper that she is auditioning to dance on A-Troupe. Meanwhile, After hours in Studio 1, Zara joins Josh and the two have a dance-off. Josh confesses that he spends a lot of time at the studio waiting for his dad to pick him up, since the priority is always his hockey player brother, Adam. By the end, both parties agree that the other is a great dancer and lament about not getting the duet. Josh confesses that she loves having Zara around.

Ozzy continues teaching his Litvanian dance. Amy confesses that she is actually having fun, and that it feels like home. Just then, Amy's mom enters the studio, aghast at Amy's behaviour. Amy is left speechless, knowing she is in a bad situation. Skylar yells at the team for messing around and that Amy could be kicked out of the studio. Meanwhile, Josh waits to be picked up in the locker room. Josh receives a text from his father stating that he won't be at the studio for another hour because Adam's game went into overtime. As Josh remains waiting, Zara enters the room to retrieve her textbook and asks Josh why he is still there. Josh lies that he will be picked up in five minutes. Zara asks if he's sure that he doesn't need a ride and Josh lies that he doesn't. Josh confesses that his parents always think what he does is less than what his little brother does

In Studio 1, Emily is auditioning dancers for A-Troupe. Heather auditions and says that she is going to make the team. Then Emma auditions and confesses that he really wants to be in A-Troupe. Tyler is the last dancer to audition for A-Troupe. Emily says that she need to make her choice for the two dancers going on to A-Troupe. Emily comes back and announces that Emma and Tyler are the new members of A-Troupe. Back in Studio A, Amy's mother confirms that she is pulling a tearful Amy out of the studio. Skylar confesses that maybe she is stringing her dancers along and that she let everybody down. Amy's mother claims that the studio is going nowhere and tells Amy to say goodbye to her friends. Amy barely chokes out a goodbye and is led away by her mother. The members of TNS West look on sadly and Skylar retreats back into her office.


  • Amy is no longer a member of TNS West.
  • TNS East trio contains Michelle, Kingston and Lola.
  • Emma and Tyler are on A-Troupe.