United and Divided is the 10th Episode of Season 5.


“Piper struggles to get along with her duet partner. Amy and Noah dance together.”


Piper and Michelle argue over whether their dance battle should be held in Studio A or Studio 1. They decide to hold a dance off to decide this; the two best dancers from either team will create a ballet/hip-hop duet.

Intro - Michelle and Amy, Noah and Jacquie, Ben and Kingston, Piper and Ozzy, Zara And Josh, Elliot and Henry, Heather and Tyler, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Josh, Heather, Elliot, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Henry, Michelle, Amy, Ozzy, Richelle, Tyler, Ben, Zara and Kingston.

In Studio 1, Noah and Amy rehearse their duet in front of Daniel, which Emilywatches. Amy and Noah both confess that Daniel is being too hard on them, especially on Noah. Daniel and Emily are unimpressed with Noah's apparent attitude in response, although Noah confesses that he is under too much pressure. In Studio A, TNS West is waiting for Skylar. Skylar enters just as Elliot performs an aerial, which she immediately commends and subsequently tells the rest of the team that they can learn something from him. Ethan lies that he is the one learning things, leaving Skylar still ignorant to his true demeanor. In a failed attempt to tell Skylar that Elliot should leave, Piper is made Elliot’s duet partner for the upcoming dance off. 

The duet dance-off commences, which is to be judged impartially by Skylar and Emily. Noah and Amy compete first in Studio 1. Amy and Noah's duet is astounding. Meanwhile, realizing that Noah is right, Henry approaches Jacquie in Neutral Grounds. Henry apologizes to Jacquie and Jacquie also apologizes to him for saying he was a bad dancer, since she believes he isn't. They catch up with each other, laughing and smiling, happy that they are friends again.

Piper and Elliot perform their duet, which makes Emily and Daniel nervous. Skylar commends West on the last minute changes to the routine, but West reveals that it isn't his choreography; his dance had far more hip-hop. When Piper and Elliot finish, Emily admits that Piper and Elliot won and that the dance battle will be held in Studio A. Although, Emily assures Skylar that winning the dance off doesn't equate winning the ultimate battle. Emily and Daniel leave the studio, Amy and Noah trailing behind them, both congratulating Piper and Ethan. Noah lags behind as West confronts Piper and Elliot about changing the choreography. Ethan assures West that the change was a collaborative agreement but Noah comes to Piper's defense, telling West that Piper had no choice and Ethan forced her to go along with the changes. Upon Skylar’s interrogation, Piper finally snaps and reveals that she can no longer take Elliot’d behaviour. Elliot comes clean, saying that there wouldn't be a team without him, deeming the choreography horrible and claiming that he carried the entire duet. Realizing the type of person Elliot is, Skylar orders him to get his things and leave, taking him off the team. Ethan complies, but confesses that the team is going nowhere without him.

Noah sits in Neutral Grounds, wondering if Emily would have taken an amazing dancer off her team for the sake of another dancer's feelings like Skylar did. Henry approaches Noah and apologizes, and the two finally resume their friendship. Later, Piper approaches Skylar about her worry for the team being short a dancer again, although Skylar assures her not to worry. Skylar confesses that she will have to ask Emily to push the battle. As Noah dances in the studio to try to shake off his odd feeling, Skylar enters the office to tell Emily that she needs the battle postponed by two weeks, which Emily refuses. Skylar realizes that perhaps she will have to forfeit. Upon overhearing Emily accuse Skylar of stringing her dancers along, Noah interrupts their conversation and tells Emily that he will be joining Skylar’s troupe. Skylar realizes that the battle won't have to be postponed after all and leaves with Noah upon Emily's insistence. Alone in the office, Emily angrily throws her pen on the desk, but confesses that Skylar is mistaken if she thinks taking her best dancer will stop her. She makes a phone call.


  • The Dance battle will take place in Studio A.
  • Elliot is no longer a member of TNS West.
  • Noah is now a member of TNS West.