Unsinkable is the 26th Episode Of The Next Step:New Starts. It is the 6th Episode of the Off Season.


”Kate makes big changes to the studio. A-Troupe gets a couple new dancers.”


In Shakes and Ladders, Davis is sat thinking about what she does next. Then Robbie enters and he says that miss Kate has changed A-Troupe. Davis says that she needs to make the team. Meanwhile, Amanda is packing up her things. Amanda states that she wanted to take the team to nationals and now she will not get a chance. Kingston, Piper and Michelle enter and wish Amanda the best. Michelle confesses that the studio will not be the same again.

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Noah and Jacquie, Kingston and Lola, Frazer and Finn, Summer And Kenzie. Endpose is Lola, Kingston, Frazer, Summer, Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Finn and Piper.

In Studio A, Kate gathers the remaining A-Troupers. Michelle states that Charlie and Richelle left A-Troupe meaning there was two spots open to anyone. Kate tells the dancers that Davis and Robbie are now part of A-Troupe. Kate then tells the dancers that rules Of Nationals has change they are allowed 14 dancers on the troupe. Piper says that 14 will be very good for the next step. Michelle asks Kate how many alternates can they have. Kate replies two.

In Studio A, Simone is dancing to Home. Simone says that she has just joined the studio. Then Winnie, Lily and Miss Anglea enter. Miss Anglea says to Lily that she will be part of A-Troupe. Lily confesses that she is nervous to join the Next Step after their regionals win. Kate enters and says that she is reauditioning A-Troupe.

In Studio 1, A-Troupe auditionees enter. Miss Anglea announces that she is the temporary studio head. Kingston says that Miss Anglea is the fixer and she fixes Studios with Problems. Michelle says that things must be pretty bad if the fixer if here. Miss anglea says that Michelle, Lily, Kenzie, Finn, Summer, Simone and Winnie are in the first group. Lola auditions first, Lola confesses that she didn’t want to audition for the nationals team again but if she wants to be Dance Captain and lead the team to nationals she will have to audition. Everyone auditions

In Hospital, Richelle is waiting for the nurse. Richelle says that she should have known her limits and she didn’t dance. Then Amanda enters and Says that she should have helped her and Richelle says that she will be coming back to the studio. Amanda says that she is no longer Studio Head. Richelle confesses that it was her fault that Amanda is no longer Studio Head.

In Studio 1, Anglea announces the members of A-Troupe. Anglea says that Michelle, Lola, Noah, Finn, Frazer, Kingston, Joe, Piper, Kenzie, Summer, Davis And Jacquie Are part of A-Troupe. Lily says that she wanted to make the team but she wasn’t the Best dancer in the Auditions. Meanwhile, In Studio A Office, Kate is putting away things. Then Richelle enters and says that she would like to the new studio head of the Next Step Dance Studio. Kate says that she will have to think about what the offer.

In Studio A, Lola starts dancing to Home. Lola confesses that it is her fault that Richelle got injured. Then Noah enters and says that Lola is amazing Dance captain. Lola finishes and asks Noah why he is here. In studio 1, Miss anglea is putting the finishing touches to her new office. Kate enters and says that she has found a new studio head. Anglea says that she is not anything without a studio.


  • A-Troupe contains Michelle, Lola, Noah, Finn, Frazer, Kingston, Joe, Piper, Kenzie, Summer, Davis And Jacquie.
  • Charlie and Richelle ar no longer members of A-Troupe
  • Richelle has made a recovery
  • Miss Anglea is the temporary studio head of the next step.