Grave New World is the 1st epsiode Of Season 6. It will air on the 16th July 2018.


Skylar and Emily are no longer Studio Heads. With the team shocked, the new Studio Head, Miss Anglea, has some big changes to make to the team.


In Studio A, Heather, Ben, Michelle, Piper, Ozzy, Noah, Kingston, Amy and Jacquie are dancing to “Work”. Heather confesses that Zara and Lola have left A-Troupe. Piper says “I miss having Emily and Skylar as studio heads, they were a great team.” Michelle says that Richelle is still in the hospital but she doesn’t know if she is coming back. Ben says that the studio has been closed for three weeks. Ozzy says it was great dancing in the video But due to Skylar and Emily letting Richelle dance, they lost the positions as Studio Heads. Kingston says that he is going to miss Lola since she helped him with his ballroom. Jacquie says that they don’t know who is the new studio head. Ben then says that he is quitting A-Troupe. Amy says that they are ready for anything. Noah says “ And Nothing is going to stop us.” End pose is Heather, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Amy, Piper, kingston and Ozzy. Then henry enters and says he is taking Ben‘s spot on A-Troupe. Then a woman enters and says “is that what you call a routine.” Noah says “this is not good.”

MR michelle no oppurtunity

Michelle says “Richelle is still in the hospital but we don’t know if she is coming back.”

No Intro.

The woman introduces herself as Miss Angela and informs them that she will be the new studio head of The Next Step. She then proceeds to introduce them four new dancers she brought from other studios, to help round out the team: Summer, who also is the winner of the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship, Finn, Kenzie and Lily. Then, all the dancers, after Lily and Noah's order, get in line and Miss Angela starts commenting about the appearance of all the dancers, except the ones she brought. However, all the dancers that have been critisized find these comments absurd, Heather calling Angela blunt. When Miss Angela asks them why they don't wear their uniforms, Piper answers that she thought they were only for competitions, but, in fact, they are to be worn in the studio, in contrast to what was in force, when Skylar and Emily were studio heads, who let them wear whatever the wanted, as Ozzy points out.

Skylar and Emily are seen working at the café that replaced Neutral Grounds, now called Shakes & Ladders, as, after getting fired by Miss Kate, they started working there as co-managers. As skylar is still bitter about Richelle's injury, Emily constantly apologizes to her co-manager. Skylar comments that thanks to Emily, her high hopes for TNS have been squashed.

Meanwhile, in studio A, Angela tells the dancers she knows their weaknesses and wants to see their best dancing to assess their strenghts. Kingston shows her his flips, while Summer and Piper bond and the latter compliments Summer's dancing. As the dancers applaud Kingston, Miss Angela requires that they stop applauding. Noah says that he wants to show her his best moves to assure he's dedicated. Nevertheless, Miss Angela deems this combo a yawn-fest, to which Noah is left in awe. She reminds all the dancers that they must put on a show, and not only prove their technique. She tells them that when in doubt, they should wink out, without explaining further. Henry suddenly starts flipping, and the studio head implores him to stop and watch Kenzie's moves which are "done properly". As Angela asks who's left, Piper begins to dance, and Kenzie is worried about Angela's reaction to Piper's dancing, which she says lacks Angela's flash. Without more comments, Angela comments that they need star power, and asks Lily to start her solo. During Lily's dance, the head continues her positive comments on Lily's flash, and her daughter explains that people are naturally drawn to her. Kingston says he'd better get winking to catch the judges' attention. While Angela deems this style star power, Amy calls it cheese power. The studio head tells the A-Troupers that they're only as good as their weakest link, and that currently, their weakest link is Piper. She publicly tells Piper that she didn't see any acro in her combo, so while the other members plank, Piper will work on her aerial. Piper expresses her embarassement, and Heather agrees that Angela is very harsh. Michelle says “things need to change and fast.”

After having seen the way Angela treats her dancers, Heather decides to leave The Next Step. She would rather go to college - a decision made easy by Miss Angela. Piper expresses her disbelief that Heather's leaving. They embrace before Heather walks out. Piper's disappointed because she was the one to bring Heather into the Next Step, and comments that she will miss her friend.

Later on, Amy, Henry, Jacquie and Noah are warming up in Studio 1, while they're talking about Miss Angela and how strict she is and Noah comments that he doesn't blame Heather for quitting, as Miss Angela treats them horribly. While they're talking, Kenzie comes in, without etting noticed. When they eventually notice her, she reassures them that she heard everything they said and that she knows they hate Miss Angela. As they all start panicking for fear of getting punished, they try to cover it up, buy Kenzie tells them that she also has the same opinion about Miss Angela, so they all get relieved. Finn and Summer enter the studio, but Kenzie doesn't know if they're to be trusted, as they come from different studios. They all start saying good things abut Miss Angela, but Summer eventually tells them that she believes Miss Angela is awful and, so, they all get relieved that everyone's on the same page about Miss Angela and they all start laughing. Amy, then, asks if they can trust Lily, but the answer is negative, since, as Kenzie informs them, Lily is Miss Angela's daughter, with the ones who haven't worked again with them, commenting how it makes sense now, that Lily is Miss Angela's favourite.

At the same time, Piper is in Shakes & Ladders and, as soon as she orders a juice, Skylar notices that she looks upset. When asked what is wrong, Piper tells Skylar about Miss Angela and how she is picking on her about everything. Skylar, being worried about the studio from what she has heard about Miss Angela, advises Piper to defend herself against Miss Angela, as she is a really good dancer and she has been on A-Troupe for quite a long time. Piper realises what she needs to do and gains her confidence back.

Later on, A-Troupe rehearses their 10-person dance and, as they dance, Miss Angela corrects Piper on her extensions and tells Lily to show Piper how to properly extend. Piper tries again, but Miss Angela tells her that she's still far from Lily's level. Then, Piper, following skylar’s advice, stands up to Miss Angela and states that her extensions are as good as Lily's. She tells her that they should all be treated equally and that she shouldn't act as if Lily is the best, because she's just an OK dancer. The other dancers are worried about Piper, because no one informed her that Lily is actually Miss Angela's daughter. Miss Angela is clearly angry at Piper and informs her that Lily is actually her daughter, making Piper realise that she messed up. After Piper repeats her previous criticism about Miss Angela and Lily at Miss Angela's request, the latter makes her sit to the bench and watch the rest of the dancers perform the routine, in order for her to watch what real dancers do. Piper confesses that she has never been benched before, making this her lowest point at The Next Step.

The next day, Summer, having come a bit earlier for rehearsal, begins to dance a solo in Studio A, to clear her head, since she feels responsible for the way Piper was treated, as she said she would inform Piper about Lily being Miss Angela's daughter and failed. Summer hopes that Piper will be okay and regrets not standing up for her. She states that if she is going to stay at the studio, things have to change. Then, the rest of the dancers enter Studio A, with Amy and Jacquie discussing the negative comments Miss Angela had made about them. Amy says that letting her hair down doesn't bother her when she dances and Jacquie tells that she doesn't hold tension on her face, but Amy tells her that she, actually, does, recommending her watch Summer, who seems to enjoy dance more, while Jacquie seems to be more tense while dancing. Kingston tells Ozzy that he is optimistic about Miss Angela, since, even though she's tough, he's tougher. A-Troupe applaud Summer when she finishes her solo and Miss Angela enters the Studio telling the dancers to go to their positions. When they do, Miss Angela notices that someone is missing and, when she asks the dancers where Piper is, no one knows. They're all worried about her, as she never misses rehearsal, and about the team, since it just got back together and they can't lose any more members. Summer admits that one member has already left A-Troupe because of the way Miss Angela treats the dancers and that she can't let something like this happen again.

Meanwhile in Studio A, Ben is packing up his things. Ben states that he enjoyed being part of A-Troupe and now he needs to move on. In Shakes and Ladders, Emily is sat filling out some paperwork ready for her working at Shakes and Ladders. Emily says “things have changed a lot since I was on A-Troupe but I tried to lead a team to regionals which worked but me and Skylar lost our jobs.” After hours, Piper performs her solo in Studio A. Piper confesses that she doesn’t understand why Miss Anglea did. She goes on to say that if she cannot deal with Anglea’s drama, she won't be able to deal with opposing teams. When Piper finishes, she proclaims that James was right about A-Troupe being cutthroat and she is stronger and will never let anybody play her again.


  • Skylar and Emily are no longer Studio Heads.
  • Miss Anglea is the Studio Head Of The Next Step Dance Studio.
  • Ben, Heather, Lola and Zara are no longer part of A-Troupe, it is still unknown if Richelle is part of A-Troupe.
  • Richelle is still in the hospital.
  • Miss Anglea has won 8 regionals, 4 nationals and 2 Internationals.
  • Lily, Kenzie, Finn, Henry and Summer are part of A-Troupe.
  • Heather is now at college.
  • This is the first episode to have no intro.
  • Skylar and Emily are managers Of Shakes & Ladders.
  • Piper could leave A-Troupe.





Featured Music

  1. Work
  2. Stand Up (Jessica Lee)
  3. Spark (new song from backstage)