Amy is back on a troop! Some shooking is kicked out of the next step! Piper finds out something terfying!


James tells Amy "ok you on welcome back to the family" James and Alfie hugs Amy and Amy say in talking heads "I'm home"

In them song there James Alfie Piper kingstin Ozzy Heather Kenzie herny Davis Lilly Lola and Amy

Heather and Lilly is screathing and hernry walks in and says " LIKKY LEaVE " and lilly say "why" he said "cause u dindo deserve to be her " he hits her and Heather goes up to hernry saying "she did noting! Why not u back off!!! He said "hurt her " Heather said "back off" hearny cuber bullied Lilly

Piooer is in stuosi 1 dancing and and gets a phone call from her mom "hello Mom yes? Wait what!! No way "Piper is crying "no way ok but " piper hangs up "my mom says I have autism!"

Ozzy and kington are doing a duet as Heather walks in "HERNY IS BULLYING LILLY! Kington is shooked and Ozzy say in taking heads "he needs to leave"

Ozzy Lilly Heather Kingston and Davis walk in t James and Alfie office! Alfie says "whats up guys!? Kington tell Alfie hernry is bullying Lilly and James looks at Kington "go get him and tho get him

Piper is on the floor criyng and Lola walks in and sees piper crying and Lola ask "what's wrong?" Piper says she has autism! Lola hugs pioer and says awww" piper is extremely sad and Lola d she should be porod of her self

Herny walk in to James and Alfie office and James said "what are u bulktbul her" herny says he wants Lilly out of her" Alfie and James looks angry and tells Henry he is kiked out


Amy is in a troopPiper has autismHerny is kiked out of the next step