The real summer is exposed! Davis and herny break up! Piper and Lilly bonds


Lilly James and Alfie in in the office and likly says I need to show u guys something! She shows them and there shook! Alfie says "summer needs to leave" James ask Lilly "is that what u where mean to us? She said yes! They both hug her!

In them song there James Alfie piper Ozzy Heather Kenzie herny Davis lolaLola ja noah and Lilly

James and Alfie are in the office and summer comes and James said to summre"your undercover?" She said "no" Alfie says "we got video evidence!" Summer says "well the only reason I came here is to destroyed tns!! Have fun" she walks away James shakes his head "I can't believe this happen Alfie? Alfie hold his hand "everything will be ok " James and Alfie hugged

Davis walk in to the rehearsal room "hey herny" herny looks at her"Lilly needs to leave! And she said "no we got rid of summer" henrH says "LIKLY IS A LIAR!!" Davis says at him "were done" she walks out

Lilly d piper are in snakes and ladders! Piper says "I am happy she is exposed* Lilly smiles "yeah u know one time my friend was shopping and she saw a roller coaster and said a rolly and I didn't know what she meant but she said she roallercoster a dolly! " Piper giggles

James ask Alfie "who should come know he said "Josh" James agrees but then Amy walks in and says "I wanna come caback to a troop"


Amy wanna come back

Summer is out of the next step