Lola is in danger With Richelle. James ask Alfie to be a couple


Lola is dancing to story of my Life and she is dancing amizing and Richelle walks in and she is wacth Lola and Lola stop and see her "hi Richelle! "Hi Lola if u don't leave tns I will runied your life! U been warned " she leaves and Lola crying "how could she?"

Them song there James Alfie piper Ozzy Heather Kenzie herny Davis richelle jaqiue Noah and Lola

James is in his office and Alfie walks in hey " James looks at Alfie  and holds his hands "hey Alfie u I relze I I really like you alfie smikes and says i really like u to! James says no Alfie i like u more than a friend! Alfie is shooked and says "oh james  your amizing!" James hold his hand"wanna be my boyfriend? Alfie says "yes James smiles and hugs him ". amizing" 

Heather s doing a solo and Lola Walk in crying and Heather looks a Lola and says "what's wrong?  Lola crying "I don't feel safe here Richelle wants to hurt me Heather says tell James and Alfie? Lola says ok and loka shakes in fear I don't know what do to

Ozzy and summer sitting and there poking at each other giggling "my grill" says Ozzy summer ticlkti Ozzy and kiston walks in hey guys sup Ozzy say just ticking my grilfrend and Kingston yells "THATS MY GRILFREND!"summer is basically crying Ozzy says "what" kinstiK looks at summer "where over!!!" He walks out and Ozzy looks at summer "NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!

Lola Walk in James office and James looks up what wrong Lola she says"I do feel sakehere Richelle is therting me James saya "really? Well I will deal with it ok" Lola nods "ok" James message Richelle to come to his office

Ozzy is having a mental brakdobrein studio one and Kingston see Ozzy and he rubs Ozzy back "it ok it not your fault" ozzO is panicking and crying and Kingston holds him tigttig"


James and Alfie are dating

Lola isn't safe at tns

Sure!mer cheated on ozzy