James find out about Amy leaving and need to find a replacement, James tells Alfie about the break up 


Alfie walks in to James office and tells James that any haved leaved and James is shooked and tells Alfie that he needs a replacement for Amy but he says "Alfie I broke up with Riley for you" Alfie is shooked and crying "James r u ok? " Alfie hold James hand and James looks at Alfie " I am ok but I am upset". Alfie looks sad and James tells Alfie"bro relax everything will be ok bro don't be hard on yourself" 

In the temple song there is James Alfie piper Ozzy Heather Kenzie herny Davis richelle jaqiue and Noah

Lola walks in to stido a and see Richelle stretching and walks to her and says "richelle? Can we talk" she says what Lola "I am so sorry for what I did " Richelle ingnore her and walks away Richelle in taljita heads "Lola almost runied my life she needs to back off" Lila talking heads " I feel babd for huetuhuher but I know I did the right thing

Piper Heather kenKenand jaqiue are sitting in studio a talking about any leaving and white is gonna reorepl her piper said it should be Lola but jaqiue think it should be Josh and piper said I don't wwant him on a troop anymore! Kenzie says she needs to get over what happened! Heather said Lilly what's to be on a troop. Piper said in taking heads " I didon think we need drama we need Lola. 

James Alfie in the team are in stido a and James says "guys we need a reoreplacem Lola Lilly and Josh are aditionng for a troop! Richelle says "why not we vote who comes in a troop " eveyoeve agrees" piper hopes it Lola richelle hopes it Josh James in talking heads ".this can't be good if there drama

Everyimd voted and James and Alfie anncces that Lola is in a troop! Richelle is mad! She leaves! Lola I happy to be in a troop!

Alfie has stuidio 1 like a restaurant "right now I am waiting for James I feel bad for what happened so I decided to make it up to him" James walk in all dresses nice and see Alfie "yo what's going no?" I have a surprise for you

Richelle walks in the locker room mad and she is stompng her feet! Lola walks in and see Richelle hey can we talk". Richelle inguers Richelle in talking heads "if Lola wants to ruin my life I will destroyed her"


Lola is a a troop memberPiper is still mad at josh