Lola and Heather gets in to a huge figth that affect the team. Winnie and Ozzy bond


Heather gose up to Lola "what did I do" Lola said "you the reason herny left and because if you we won't win regalis. Heather shooked "excuses me? He was attacking Lilly! Lola shakes her head "why r u talking to me? She walks out!

In them song there James Alfie piper Ozzy Heather Kenzie Winnie Lola Amy daivs jaqiue and Noah

Winnie is sitting in snakes and ladders and Ozzy aporrch her and says "who r u?" Winnie smiisand says "I am winne  niceto meet you! Ozzy says "are u on a troop?" She says yes I am" Ozzy in talking heads "she cute" wanna hang out tonight Winnie says "sure"

Heather is in the locker room alone and crying after what Lola did t her piper walks in and says "what's going on?" Heather says "Lola is blaming me for herny getting kiked out piper is shocked! A d says "he deserves it's and Heather says "yes I know' to they hug

Ozzy is waiting for Winnie with a rise and Winnie walks in and see ozzOand says "aww so cute " Ozzy holds her hand and says "wanna come " they start slow dancing

Lola is in the locker room and see Heather loocker and Lola says "is heaheHe what's t case drama I will getrid of her " she take piper money and frame Heather and walks away

Winnie and ozzy is getting closer and Ozzy says in taljtal heads "?I need to make my move " Ozzy kiss Winnie

Piper walks in and see her money is missing and says "someone took my money I don't know who" piper us us ccryunand Lola walks in and ask "what's wrong? Piper tells lols "someone stole my money" and Lola says "well i saw heahrt with it" pioer look shooked