Michelle and Emily is leaving and miss Kate needs a new stuidio head


Michelle Emily and the team came from regilas and win. Amy andapier hugs  ndamy in taking heads "yES!!!!! WeWwon! IIcant wait to go to natals! Piper said "we did it!!! Summer says "yes! Can wait for this year! Noah says i can wait to go to natas with jaqiue jaquie and cdavis high five Michelle and Emily hugs Emily is taking heads I"I'm pruprof them but me and Michelle is leaving! Michelle says in talking heads"we won but we need to move o" Emily and is going to collage they need a replacement and Kate comes in saying congratulations to the but there not happy and Kate ask what's wrong and they said there leaving and Kate hugs then and said she'll miss them so much. In the song there Michelle Emily piper Ozzy Heather Kenzie herny Davis richelle jaqiue Noah and amy

In snake and ladders Heather and Ozzy is talking about the win and Ozzy said he thinks that summer like Kingston but he likes summer and Ozzy is criyng but Heather said to talk to her and he said ok

James is and found with lick saying he wants something more he misses dance and the studio and luck said to go to tnsand he said I guess and I quit the be and

Miss Kate message James and he comes in and Kate said heisthe stido head and James it extremely excited!


Emily and michMich is gigoing collage

Ozzy likes summer

Summer likes kinsgton

James is the new stido