James looks fr ohead chreogher. RichelkR breaks extremely shooking news to jaqiue.


Michelle and Emily are congratulating James and James is so proud of them and he is missing his old friends Michelle and Emily leaves and James is crying

Them song has James piper summer Richelle Ozzy Heather Kenzie herny  Davies Noah jaqiue and Amy 

Richelle is walking and to studio 1 and see Davies kissing herny and she is shooked and ask what's going on here? They are shooked what r u doing Richelle ask David Richelle giggles whatever and runs to jaqiue

James is calling hunter asking if he can be headcheogher but he said no and James said I want a former a trooper with me and Hunter said there really busy but don't give up

Richelle runs to jaqiue and giggling incontrollly and Jaqiue ask what's up and she said she saw Davis and herny kissing and Jaqiue jaw dropped and brust laughing richRichand jaqiue gose and tells Noah

James is balling his eyes out and Kate walks in hey ja es u ok? I want an old a troop dancer to help him and keate said she will find him the person and he said ok


Hunter is busy

Davis and hernare dating