James and Alfie grow closer, summer tell Kenzie and her crush.


Alfie smiles and ask if he want to go for a dinner James smiks and says sire why not? Alfie take jameJ hand and walks him to the table and sits "so r u up for pizza?"James smile"suer Alfie" Alfie gets the pizza and says "I feel really guilty so I decided to make it up to you by making a date!" James smile "aww Alfie your so sweet!"

In them song there James Alfie piper Ozzy Heather Kenzie herny Davis richelle jaqiue Noah and Lola

Summer and kenzie are in snakes and ladders and summer is quite kenzKe says "wow your quite " summer says "well I can't stop thinking about this boy I like " Kenzie ask "what boy?" Well it's Ozzy" Kenzie is really shooked!" Ozzy? Really? " Summer blushing "yes and I really wanna be with him but I am affared." Kenzie looks at summer "don't be affared I an here for you" summer said "should I ask him out?" Kenzie says yes 

James and alfie are eating and James is really happy to be with alfie. After they eat Alfie ask James "do u wanna slow dance?" James smiles "sure" Alfie takes James hand and they slow dances Alfie his his head on James chest and James is rubbing his back Alfie says in talking heads "I feel closer to him" James says " I rather be with him than riley" 

Kenzie and summer go and see Ozzy and summer gose to Ozzy! "Ozzy I have feelings for you" Ozzy smiles "wanna be my girlfriend" she says "yes" they kiss

Piper is strechstre with Heather and piper gets a text from James saying he needs her she say to Heather *sorry Heather James needs me 

Piper see James in his office "what's up" James crying "um pipr I like a guy pier ask who James says "Alfie" piper smile "awww so cute why not u ask him to be your boyfriend? James says "I'm affrad" piper says "stay positive.


Summer and Ozzy are a couple

James have feelings for alfie