Richelle is kicied out of the stuido. Ozzy suffering form guilt. Lilly has a shoi in a troop


Ja!es and Alfie are watiwaifor Richelle and she walks in and says "hey guys" alfe says "Richelle why r u therting Lola? She says can use I can! James looks at Richelle "tns is suoosupp to be safe for everyone it claerly not sake for her " Ricelle ask "what are u talking about?" James anwera "your kikiedout of a tropt, and Richelle says no and James tells Richelle to leave

In the theam song there james alfie piper Ozzy Heather Kenzie herny Davis richelle jaqiue Noah and lolL

Lilly walk in and see James and says "I win the new dancer and James says "adution and she danves and James and Alfie is imoerssed James said "you made it! Lilly smiles

Ozzy is crying in Kington arms and kingtin rubs his heads and says "it's ok it's ok " Ozzy crying more and more Kington in talking heads "poor Ozzy it's nithis fault " Ozzy is crying more and more

Lilly Walk in to stiud 1 and smile Lilly in talking heads "tns is my new home and family! Piper walks in her lilly what sup? She tells piper " Richelle got kicked out so I am here now! And piper smile amziama I am so happy for you!

James and Alfie are in the office doudo paperwork and Alfie says "so when are we gonna tell them about us" he said "when you're ready and Alfie says "it's feels werid were gay and he says "but you the one for me Alfie and Alfie says"your the one for me to and they smile "where hold hands

Ozzy is having a panic attack and Noah walk in "what's up? Kington says "Ozzy dating my grilfrend and now he can breath and Noah toch his forehead "he is swatise we need a ice pack now and Noah leave and kington rocks Ozzy back and forth


Lilly is an a troop

Richelle kiked out of the next step