James spend some time with Alfie and they get more closer. Amy and piper talk about tns future


James see Alfie working and he kiss his forehead and Alfie blushing! "Oh baby" James massage his shoulder "what r u doing" he says work and James ask him if he wants to dance and he say sure and they kiss

Them song is James Alfie piper Ozzy Heather Kenzie Lola Amy Lilly davis Kingston and Noah

Amy and piper sitting down knowing hermy left they have room for Josh! Piper dosent want him back! Amy tells piper if Josh comes anything can happen and she says I guess   "  Amy says "stay positive

James abd akfie are slow danicg and James keep rubbing akfie back and Alfie has his head on James chest and it was romantic James tell Alfie "your the love of my life and we're going to cnqucon this world together" Alfie smiles and says "nottiNo can destroyed us James" they keep slow dancing

Amy and Piper are sitting down n stido 1 and piper ask Amy "can we call him?" She says "sure" pioer calls Josh but Adam anwers and says Josh is in collage and Amy and piper are shooked! Piper says "what are we going to do now" Amy says "I don't know"

Lola is dating t top of the world and Heather walks is! Heather says "hey Lola who do u think is gonna replaced herny" Lola ingore hetather is counfused Lola keep dancing!

Alfie and James are just hugging non stop and James said "wanna sit" Alfie says "sure" James and Alfie sit and James pulls alfie to his chest and play with his hair and James talk to Alfie "u know we have nottNotto worry about we will be ok" Alfie says "I know baby you the guy who makes me happy the most " James kiss Alfie forehead

The new dancer winner walks in and see Amy and pioer and ask "can I join a troop " they smile and said yes


Winnie is a a troop member

Josh is in college