Amy and piper take about the opportunity. Alfie finds out he stills hasl has feelings for riley which cause anxtiy


Piper is waiting in the locker room for Amy and she comes in and says she has an opportunity to go on a world tour and piper says she should take it but Amy loves that so much and she can't leave James and Alfie down but piper tell her to follow her heart

Them song has James Alfie piper Ozzy Heather Kenzie herny Davis richelle jaqiue Noah and Amy 

Alfie is getting a juice for him and James but riley see him riley runs up to him "Alfie!" Hugs him oh riley hi! Hey sup? Well I am working with James and we're friends now "cool Alfie" Alfie talking heads "I still like her and I am having anxtiy" riley smiles "u ok. Alfie is crying "I still love u riley! " Riley shooked and says "u should tell James" Alfie said "no way" 

Piper and Amy is in the locker room and Amy is still deciding t go or stay "any u should foolfo your dreams" Amy said"piper this team is my dream" piper looks on "well ok but if u stay u might requt it!" Amy shakes her head I know piper"

James is on his laptop and Alfie walks in crying "James" James looks at Alfie "what's wrong) I still love riley " Jane sis shooked but see Alfie s in alot of pain and James hugs Alfie tightly James in taking heads "?it kills me to see Alfie suffering like this I need to do something in fast" James wipe Alfie tears from his face and say" "everthing will be ok bro I will support you" 

Amy is waiting for Anand a and she comes and says "hey Amy r u ready?" Amy looks at Amanda and think of the talk with piper and says yes Amanda says "ok see u tomorrow morning".Amy is balling "this is my home and after all this time I'm leaving

James is waiting for riley and she walks in ".hey babe" James looks at her and says riley I am breaking up with you!! Riley ask why? "Cause ewere hurting Alfie and I don't wanna hurt him anymore! Riley smiles ok I never loved you James crys "I lost her and I mad a sacrifice for Alfie I am such a good person! 

Amy walking in to studio a and see Alfie Alfie can we talk he said of course any crying I am leaving a truooto go on a world tour with Amanda Alfie tears up oh Amy he hugs her "I am so proud of you please follow your dreama Amy said she will


James and Riley are over

Amy is no longer a a troop member