The team turn aganst Lilly! Jaquie is a challenge to face, Davis and herny has a big figth


Lilly Walk in and see the team and piper and Heather made a plan and Lilly pick on Heather and piper and everything tells her to stop Lilly makes fun of them and Lilly says " I hate this but I need to for the team" Lola says "what r u doing" everyone yells at her lilly keeps picking and Alfie and James walks in ad gose to Lilly "Lilly this is inaooinapprop behavior u need to stop " likoyhirs Alfie and James put Alfie behind him "don't u dare hit my man Lilly GET OUT!

In them song there James Alfie piper Ozzy Heather Kenzie herny Davis Lilly jaqiue Noah and Lola

Jaqiue gose to Lilly and says "why were u acting like that" Lilly is judst balling her eyes out "Lilly is there something going on?" Pier and Heather gose to Jacquie and Lilly and pioer🎋 and Heather hugs lilly and jaquie ask then what up? And piper says jaquie um summer is an undercover agent and likly is tryutr to exposed summer and this was part on the plan and jaquie feel bad and says "Lilly I will exposed her" likly says "how" and Jacquie says" I have a plan

Davis and heng IDs in snakes and ladders and Davis says to hernry says "can't u believe that Lilly acting immautere! Herny says yes I know umwe should kicks her off a troop and Davis says no we should talk to her and herny says no we need to kicked her out! Davis looks at him "were your heart?" He said"with the team" Davis leqve

Jaqiue gose to summer"hey summer! I herd your a undercover agent?"summer says and what ru gonna do about it! Jaqiue smokes andmleave!  Summer in talking heads " what just haohappe?"

Liklt us in the locker rooms and Jaqiue walks in with video proof of summer "here Lilly show this to James and Alfie" Lilly says in talking heads" if I show this to James and Alfie summerp will be exposed"


Jaquie knows summer plan