Alfie is chiisen by Kate for being headcheogher! Piper help Ozzy


Alfie is dancing is stuidio a t 7 years "Mrs Kate ask me to help James with the stuodoa d I agree but I feeling extremely bad kissing riley" he dance hard "I feel like James is gonna to revenge and u know what I deserve it" James comes in and see Alfie and is shooked "Alfie?"

Them song has James Alfie piper Ozzy heather kinsgton herny jaquij Richelle Noah any and Davis

Alfis stop dancing and is tearing up "hi James" James walks to him "hey Alfie u what r u doing here? And why r u crying? Um I am your head chreogher and in crying cause I think you are still mad for what u did" James looks shooked "oh Alfie forgive yourself bro a d I think me and u can make a amizing team "no u need to get revenge!" James look at Alfie "no u don't deserve that bro!

Ozzy runs to piper asking for advice for summer and Kingston and piper said he needs to talk to summer and he said ok Ozzy walks to summer and said hey summer in do u like Kingston? She said what no I don't and Ozzy shooked. But I thought u did u hang out with him all the time and she said no I am not he is my best friend but I like someone else Ozzy said ok 

Davis and herny is sitting in snakes and ladders and having a jucie *I can wait to tell everyone about us " says davis and Henry says "yes I can't wait to" herny and Davis holds hand and looks at each other

Amy is dancing to right here right now saying she s been giving an ooopportuni to go on tour with Giselle and Amanda and she has no clue what she is gonna do she is confused  and affaid she dosent know how tell James and Alfie


Alfie is James new headcheogher

James fogave Alfie for kissing riley

Summer dosent like Kingston

Any hasAmy has an opportunity to go on a world tour